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Advanced Arrow

This indicator depends on some secrets equations to draw Signals with Stop loss and maximum 4 Take profits.

There is a free EA depends on this indicator as a gift when you purchase/rent it.


  • Simply it gives you entry point as Ready sign (Buy / Sell) and arrow (Buy / Sell) after candle closed, also SL line and 4 TP lines or less.
  • Once SL-TP lines are shown with the arrow, they remains as they are until signal change.
  • It is historical indicator.
  • No Repaint.
  • user manual for V5 please click here for V6 please click here

Indicator parameters

  • Indicator Version: choose V5 or V6.
  • TP 1 Line color: TP1 color.
  • TP 2 Line color: TP2 color.
  • TP 3 Line color: TP3 color.
  • TP 4 Line color: TP4 color.
  • Signal line Style: Choose (Solid, dashed,.).
  • TP-SL Lines Style: Choose (Solid, dashed,.).
  • Buy Signal color: Buy signal color.
  • Sell Signal color: Sell signal color.
  • Historical Bars: Number of history bars on chart for the indicator calculation.
  • Show Vertical line: (true / false).
  • Place of Vertical line: you can choose (On Diamond / On Signal).
  • Buy Vertical line color: Buy Vertical Line color.
  • Sell Vertical line color: Sell Vertical Line color.
  • Vertical line Style: Choose (Solid, dashed,.).
  • Ready Sign location from H/L candle in pips: you can adjust the place of ready sign in pips.
  • Ready to buy Sign: Type the code of symbol you want indicator to draw as ready to buy sign (see codes table).
  • Ready to Sell Sign: Type the code of symbol you want indicator to draw as ready to sell sign (see codes table).
  • Signal location from H/L candle in pips: you can adjust the place of signal sign in pips.
  • Buy Signal Sign: Type the code of symbol you want indicator to draw as buy signal.
  • Sell Signal Sign: Type the code of symbol you want indicator to draw as sell signal.
  • Show Resistances: (True / False) to let indicator drawing the R for:
    • 1. Current day if you use (H1 or less).
    • 2. Current week if you use H4.
    • 3. Current month if you use D1.
  • Resistance 1: R1 color.
  • Resistance 2: R2 color.
  • Resistance 3: R3 color.
  • Resistance 4: R4 color.
  • Show Supports: (True / False) to let indicator drawing the S.
  • Support 1: S1 color.
  • Support 2: S2 color.
  • Support 3: S3 color.
  • Support 4: S4 color.
  • R/S Lines Style: Choose (Solid, dashed,.).
  • TPs lines depends on R/S for: choose between
    • 1. Auto: same R/S levels on the chart.
    • 2. M5: R/S for time frame 5 minutes.
    • 3. M15: R/S for time frame 15 minutes.
    • And so on.
  • Show Information: show information about last signal.
  • Information Color (Buy): color of buy signal information.
  • Information Color (Sell): color of sell signal information.
  • Show: you can choose between (Signal ,TP, SL Lines / Just Signal).
  • Notifications: (True / False) enable or Disable notifications system at all.
  • Start Time (From): Duration time in day for notifications system as From Time.
  • End Time (To): Duration time in day for notifications system as To Time.
  • Alert Type: Choose between below for which information you want indicator telling you:
    • 1. Signal,TPs,SL and Candles between Ready Sign and Signal.
    • 2. Signal,TPs and SL.
    • 3. Signal.
  • Diamond / Vertical line Alert: (true / false).
  • Alert: Displays a message in a separate window.
  • Send push message: Sends push notifications to the mobile, whose MetaQuotes IDs are specified in the "Notifications" tab.
  • Send an email: Sends an email at the address specified in the settings window of the "Email" tab.
  • Message Header.Long: The header of message send to you in long signal case.
  • Message Header.Short: The header of message send to you in short signal case.
  • Message Content.Long: The message content send to you in long signal case.
  • Message Content.Short: The message content send to you in short signal case.

Buffering read from indicator (For Developers)

For Version 5 and For version 6

homjung 2019.05.16 15:23 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

ABCD 2017.12.30 21:59 

This is probably the most overrated indicator on MQL5. I fell for the many 5-star ratings it received early on, but I noticed afterwards that many of those ratings are from buyers who have given 5-star ratings to many other indicators and even some EA's. It begs the question, if these traders have so many 5-star indicators, why do they need to keep buying new ones? These are foolish individuals who get excited after a few successful trades and rush to give the indicator a high rating, and then when the losses pile up, they abandon it and go on to buy the next new indicator and repeat the same sad cycle over and over again. The lesson here is do not trust 5-star ratings from buyers who have not tested a particular indicator or EA for at least a few months.

Back to the indicator, my testing has shown me that this indicator is not profitable over the long term. The positive results that are posted in the Comments section are very selective, showing charts and EA results only from certain periods when there are breakouts with a good trend. Charts and EA results are not shown on a continuous basis since that would also reveal the many losses that occur when the market behavior changes.

Meshari alsafi Safi
Meshari alsafi Safi 2017.12.10 03:26 

للاسف مؤشر في الفترة الاخيرة خلال 8 اشهر اثبت فشله الذريع اشارات كثيرة كاذبة

وسبب لي كثير من الخسائر

يجب فلترة الاشارات في التحديث

Adam Goman
Adam Goman 2017.09.22 12:54 

15.9.17 - Enough. The advisor can not make a profit. All that he earns he loses.

10.8.17 - I recovered all the losses. Now profit began to grow. I continue testing.

6.7.17 - After all. Not good.

Jtrader 2017.08.09 00:49 

How people have been making profit is open to question...But for me and the many ,simply losses.

The fact the EA is free ,but loses money is no reason for appreciation .

Only performance should matter and constant losses = waste of money..sorry have to post such a review...

ahsanxm 2017.07.13 13:34 

rrrrubbiishhhhhhh! don't bother please. all results are flukes and rely heavily on external indicators. EA does not perform well either, its all a fraud, go to your banks and get a chargeback.

asilkan 2017.07.07 22:08 

If ea is not developed, We do not get good results..

Ted NO FX 2017.07.05 22:53 

UPDATE 2: So far I do not see how this indicator EA can bring a stable profit. Only show myfxbook demo account. Author dont help me out about EA, seems he dont care of his buyers of this indicator. waste of time and money!

UPDATE: Author made EA with this indicator and EA doesnt even works, even on my pc or vps. He says everytime: Please make sure that you update the indicator to V8 , if you did , tell me and i will check. I have done that. Why make an EA that doesnt work? (yes he claims he is professional!)-------------------------------------------------------//-------------////////----------///----Very bad indicator, Does not give any real indication of which direction the market will move. Dont buy this crap Indicator. 1 star from me

TheSkylord 2017.07.04 01:17 

Very good indicator, i'm currently getting use to it, i will update my review later on :)


Md Tanvir Islam
Md Tanvir Islam 2017.07.03 18:51 

The first system, that is working for me in the fx market

Sohaieb Zayana
Sohaieb Zayana 2017.06.30 13:33 

I'm using the AA since 2 months. Unfortunately I wasn't able to use it regular as I had lack off time, but history candles shows the profits I would have made.

Being grateful Alfred released an EA free of charge for AA owner. Profit is less than it would be using it manually as some filters are still missing. But overall very good and stable AA.

Support worth more than 5 stars

Looking forward for new releases

Luis Plascencia
Luis Plascencia 2017.06.19 11:08 

Good job Alfred!! Thank you!!

Ravi Luke
Ravi Luke 2017.06.10 15:35 

Great indicator if you use some judgement of your own. Thanks!

Norbert 2017.06.09 21:43 

Well done Alfred. thank you.

Yuan Liu
Yuan Liu 2017.06.05 14:04 

AA EA is good, you need test and optimize by yourselfe.

Mohamed Alghedefe
Mohamed Alghedefe 2017.06.01 21:55 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

alejoarcilacano 2017.06.01 05:27 

Amazing product! The EA is even better! Very profitable and recommended!

Vincent Visoiu
Vincent Visoiu 2017.06.01 00:57 

By itself the indicator gives way too many false signals to be profitable even with the rules correctly applied. So I stopped using it altogether for manual trading. Alfred released the EA that applies the rules 100% properly and the 99% backtests show that the EA is not profitable enough to be used on a live account. Developer does not believe in 99% backtests (yes he claims he is professional!) so he will not improve the EA before release. Very frustrating to deal with such a backwards thinking person. At this time I don't recommend the indicator to anyone since it cannot possibly be profitable on a live account due to the many false signals and losses. You win 1 lose 2, win 1 lose 3 etc. Clearly you can see with the rules applied 100% in the EA the tests are not good as will the live performance. It is only profitable for the seller. I will update my review if anything changes.

Chin Kean Wei
Chin Kean Wei 2017.05.31 07:27 

Great stuff worth using... reduce the stress in trading as all the system has provide Buy SL and TP with logic... great stuff

Ertac Hassan
Ertac Hassan 2017.05.26 10:53 

Great support

Haobo Sun
Haobo Sun 2017.05.24 06:22 


fabbry72 2017.05.21 15:26 

Very very good,high win rate.

Thanks Alfred!!!!!!



I can confirm that it works very well. Is not need to add others indicator, is enough to read manual wrote by Alfred and respect rules. As simple.


I use it from many weeks...I can tell that if respect rules with a good money management you'll be profitable.

jinhee Lee
jinhee Lee 2017.05.18 18:02 


Nguyen Trung Tuan
Nguyen Trung Tuan 2017.05.12 11:25 

Very good indicator !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julian Lo
Julian Lo 2017.05.05 05:12 

It took me a while to begin writing this review because I've been doing my due diligence - testing, comparing, and more testing to make sure the signals are reliable and to find that special "confluence" as a filter. Finally, I have a good understanding of how AA works. If you are looking for a breakout type of indicator, I consider AA is the "best in class". Hope you have read my analysis about Easygnals and ACB in a fair comparison (both are mql5 market products). AA gave more winning signals and earlier signals. I will continue to search for other contenders and post my findings. If you have the AA indicator, try all other indicators you have to see if you can get better signals than AA, including TP and SL targets (use chanderlierExit, eASC or BBand Stop Alert, for example). If you don't have AA, show me the best you got and I will show you why AA is superior. Don't get me wrong. AA is not a 100% winning system. There will be losing signals. Sometimes market cannot be predicted even after a momentum move, but the loss is usually recovered after the next couple of winning signals. To enhance accuracy, I use Advanced Currency Strength28 as confirmation. Let me make that a MUST HAVE for manual trading with AA. If CS28 does not agree with AA, either you pass or wait for a better entry. Take a look at this signal which is near its SL right now. https://www.screencast.com/t/DEipUUla8 in which, currency strengths crossing has long passed with flat angles, not favorable for this trade. I and others have posted numerous examples in the Comments section. I can show you more upon request (one request per person, please). The support from Alfred has been great. Now he is planning to offer a free EA to AA customers. That will improve the quality of life tremendously. What more can you ask for?

1q2w3ezx 2017.05.02 16:01 

Excellent indicator.....great client service....gets you into trend changes very early and with a little filtering makes for high rate of dependable trades...Good work Alfred.

altoronto 2017.04.29 18:12 

Great indicator, specially on higher timeframes and Alfred is always there if you have a question or with product updates.

02041964 2017.04.28 21:52 

One of the best indicator! Alfred is also very helpful and supportive. Thank you

stoyko.kirchev 2017.04.04 11:45 

Hello guys,

After testing the product for the past month I want to leave my honest opinion for the results. My strategy is based on observation for the periods of 1h 4h 1d over the recommended pairs from Alfred. In just 5 days I've made 46,5% of my account with 40 deals, 32 won, 8 lost, wining streak of 7 in a row. I want to clarify that the indicator is well designed but sometimes you will have to apply your personal judgement over the trading(to enter the deal or not, to close the deal earlier or not). Alfred is very responsive and taking care for his clients.

Statements that this is a Scam, the indicator is repainting or that the author is not correct are completely not acceptable and false(misleading).

5 stars from my side and keep doing that great job Alfred!

Ariel Agnoletto
Ariel Agnoletto 2017.03.24 19:08 

not profit!

Lorraine Pierce
Lorraine Pierce 2017.03.23 20:04 

I've been using this for about a month now. I've tested it on H1, H4 and now have it on my Daily charts (my trading preference is Daily chart). I also have another sellers breakout indicator on my charts (light blue and magenta arrows). The Advanced Arrow is Green and Red on my charts. What I have noticed is that it is more careful about entries than the breakout arrows, sometimes I get both arrows on the same candle, sometimes breakout arrow and no AA arrow, sometimes AA arrow and no breakout arrow (since they are obviously coded differently). The breakout arrow gives an EARLIER (but not as safe) entry, so if I get in a trade, it is good to see the AA show up as a confirmation to stay in the trade. Also, I like how the AA paints SL/TP targets. Very handy.

So, all in all it is a good indicator.

(EDITED: developer has updated to V6 and fixed the refresh issue)

Also, I added support resistance indicator that shows how many times the zone has been tested. Helps a lot. I don't trade into S/R.

Also, the people that say it's a bad indicator, may just be bad traders! An indicator is not a magic wand. It just shows what it's programmed to look at on the charts!

As a pro trader, you MUST do you DUE DILLIGENCE BEFORE PLACING A TRADE! Here is the list of questions I have PRINTED and hanging next to my trading PC....

Did I look at higher time frame and determine trend and support/resistance areas?

Did I check for high impact forex news?

Is the market Consolidating? (this indi doesn't usually print a signal during consolidation)

Am I trading the right currency pair for the right session? (hint: European pairs move best during euro session, US during US session and nothing moves during Asian. You're welcome)

Did I close my trade on Friday ( hint: opening spreads can be HIGH and can wipe you out and hit your SL and beyond)

What is the current spread? (higher on Sunday Evenings)

Are my emotions in check?

Am I feeling healthy or am I sick?

Am I following my trading rules? (money managment, risk %, time of day, and all of the above)

So if you are blindly following an indicator and not doing some or all of the above, then you deserve to lose. Grow up and take responsibility for your trading.

Talal Mansour
Talal Mansour 2017.03.22 22:27 

hello sir ,,, is really good and work will .... thanks

Thushara Herath
Thushara Herath 2017.03.22 14:54 

Great indicator, Great support A++++

Thanx Alfred

Kicyablik 2017.03.21 18:29   

5я била ок ,в 6ю напхали явсяких понтов не нужных МТ начал тупить, медлинно работает

Charlie Alberti
Charlie Alberti 2017.03.21 13:00 

Update (20-3-2017) I'm still overwhelmed how great this Indicator is. After 1 month trading with this Indicator, I found out that this is so worth the price!!! Stable signals and the TP and SL lines are very handy. The seller is always helpful when I have a question and.. I'm still in the green :-) i'm also looking forward to the new update. Thank you Alfred, for the great work you've done to create this amazing indicator! GBY

Qingshan Li
Qingshan Li 2017.03.20 23:24 

Thanks Alfred for this great indicator!! Great support! Much appreciated!

Rafael Cadosch
Rafael Cadosch 2017.03.17 03:15 

I don't believe in all that BS said by some people. If u use correctly the indications the Advanced Arrow works very well.

If they have failed it's because they don't know how to use it nor they have good experience in the market to understand how it behaves and move along with the signals.

FEHU24 2017.03.16 07:48 

Индикатор перерисовывает дает много ложных сигналов очень разочарован автор верните деньги ваш индикатор не стоит вообще денег и тем более такой суммы

The indicator repaints and gives a lot of false signals very disappointed the author of the money your indicator is not worth the money and especially at this amount

Karts 2017.03.09 13:24 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Aravind 2017.03.08 20:22 

Ultimate indicator.

AArrow-ind 2017.03.07 11:35 

После покупки индикатора, я создал группу в скайпе, для совместного обсуждения индикатора, и торговли. Кто русскоговорящий, присоединяйтесь, вместе будет проще! Мой логин: kolya_revo

golfguy37 2017.03.02 15:45 

Dear Traders....

I left a great review on this indicator, i am doing very well with it.

I use it specially on 1 & 5M time frames, However i only take 1 very specific trade with it ‌thats it.

I use on all majors except CHF pairs.

‌‌Everyone trades differently, this tool is just a 2nd verification in deciding if i will take a trade period. ‌

i have had 0 losses so far, again my move is specific

If your interested back test like i did and at least give it a try.

(I wont be giving advice on how i use this indicator, If your patient and follow the rules it works)

Valeri Simov
Valeri Simov 2017.03.02 15:15 

Alfred is a great man!!! answer all the questions in proper way giving the best service ever. His indicator is absolute stunner!!! helping a lot with my trades. Great tool,great service! Thank you so much for your hard work!!!

Joachim Reichelmann
Joachim Reichelmann 2017.02.26 20:39 

Me too, i just can agree with the last reviewer. I am using this indicator since 3 weeks now daily... and its really easy to trade and more since the new update with TP and SL lines. I just love to trade with... and the indicator gives very good and stable signals. As amfels wrote, just sad that i dont find it earlier. Good work dear Alfred. Also the seller is very kind and always here to help. in time i will buy more from him. Thank you!

amfels07 2017.02.24 18:08 

Update(2/24/2017) after 2nd day of using the Advanced Arrow:

Simply unbelievable the only thing I hate about it is that Alfred did not invent it years ago :)

Take advantage of this indicator as following 1H and 4H charts in my humble opinion will allow you to make pips consistently week in and week out.......Take advantage now before Alfred decides to rise the price of this indicator :) Great work sir thank you!!

Versão 8.0 2017.05.12
Resort input parameters "TPs lines depends on R/S for:" and "Notifications" to be easy to set in iCustom function
Versão 7.0 2017.04.13
1. Fix changing ( arrow,diamond ) color issue.
2. Make 2 duration time for alert system. Ex : you will can input from 00:00 to 1:00 and from 13:00 to 23:59.
3. Remove ALF flash.
4. Make another option in alert system to alert you when (blue/red) diamond appear.
5. Make option to choose what TPs lines will depends on (s/r) for (Auto,H1,H4,....etc ).
6. Fix E-mail issue.
7. Show Resistance Lines (Yes/No) and Show Support Lines (Yes/No).
8. Default value of Historical Bars = 100.
9. Fix CPU usage issue.
10. Identify which version in the alert message.
11. Show Vertical line option on diamond or on signal depends on user entry.
12. Show R/S labels (Yes/No).
13. Add 2 duration time for Alert system so it can be from 03:00 to 06:00 and from 13:00 to 18:00.
14. New option to Alert when diamond appears (true/false).
15. choose which indicator version you want to work ( V5 or V6 ).
16. Show some information about the last signal on chart (true/false).
Versão 6.0 2017.03.21
1. Make it Historical indicator so previous Signals will not delete. (buffering /values)
2. Resolve Sunday issue.
3. Add TPs lines, SL and the number of Candles between ready to (buy/sell) sign and (buy/sell) sign.
4. Increase TPs lines to be 4 not 3.
5. changed (red/green) vertical line for ready to (sell/buy) to (buy/sell) Diamond sign to be able to buffer/values.
6. fixed refreshing issue.
7. start/stop time for Alert system.
8. iCustom for developer.
9. show resistances and supports for current(day-week-month) depends on TF.
10. add new input parameter (Show) to choose between some choices to show on chart
Versão 5.0 2017.03.13
Added New input parameters:

Message Header.Long :Type the header of message in case Buy signal.
Message Header.Short :Type the header of message in case Sell signal.
Message Content.Long :Type the content message in case Buy signal.
Message Content.Short :Type the content message in case Sell signal.
Showing Type :(Signal and TP,SL Lines - Just Signal )
Signal line Width
Buy Signal color
Sell Signal color
Signal line Style
TP-SL Lines Style
Versão 4.0 2017.02.16
Added new features to the indicator:
Takeprofit one line
Takeprofit two line
Takeprofit three line
StopLoss line
Versão 3.0 2017.02.08
Add time frame name in the Alert system.
Versão 2.0 2017.01.27
What is new in version 2.0 :

I added Notifications when the Arrow appear for Sell/Buy.

Indicator parameters:
- Notifications - if it false there are no notifications at all, if it true you have to choose how indicator will send notifications to you.
- Alert - Displays a message in a separate window.
- Send push message - Sends push notifications to the mobile terminals, whose MetaQuotes IDs are specified in the "Notifications" tab.
- Send an email - Sends an email at the address specified in the settings window of the "Email" tab.