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The indicator calculates the most probable trend stop/reversal areas, confident trend movement areas.

The calculation considers:

  • the rate of price change;
  • the relative deviation angle of the chart;
  • the average amplitude of price movements;
  • the price leaving its "comfort zone";
  • the values of the ATR indicator.

The indicator can generate an Alert when the price enter a stop/reversal area.


  • Draw the entire length? - draw the areas until the end of the chart;
  • Show Stop UP-trend - display the stop/reversal area of an uptrend;
  • Show UP-trend - display the area of a confident uptrend;
  • Show DOWN-trend - display the area of a confident downtrend;
  • Show Stop DOWN-trend - display the stop/reversal area of a downtrend;
  • Alert in the area change - Generate alert when the price enters the trend stop/change area;
  • Next are the color settings for each of the trading areas.
Zhuo Hu
Zhuo Hu 2019.01.02 13:46 

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