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The Expert Advisor determines the moments of strong movements and opens a position in the direction of the most probable price movement.

The strategy always uses stop loss and take profit. Several independent orders can be in the market (the maximum number is set in parameters).

The goal of the EA's underlying trading system is the quantitative excess of the number of profitable deals over the number of losing ones.

Recommended: EURUSD 5m; GBPUSD 5m; USDJPY 5m.

The Expert Advisor is able to work on all types of accounts. Automatic adjustment to 4 and 5 digit quotes.

Expert Advisor Settings

  1. Risk on/off - enabling money management.
  2. Risk Percent - risk percent per trade.
  3. Lot, if Risk = false - if Risk=false, this lot will be used.
  4. Take Profit - take profit level.
  5. Stop Loss - stop loss level.
  6. Max Orders - the maximum number of orders in the market.
  7. Comment to order - a comment to open orders.
  8. Magic Number – magic number to distinguish EA's own orders.
  9. Slippage - allowable slippage value.
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