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RSX Signal AM

The indicator shows RSX oscillator signals on a price chart. The efficient algorithm provides a high degree of reliability of such signals. The indicator displays signals of various types selected in the settings. The price smoothed by the standard set of Moving Averages can be used for calculating the oscillator.


  • Lengh - RSX oscillator smoothing period;
  • CountBars - amount of bars, at which indicator signals are displayed;
  • Price - price for the indicator calculation;
  • MA_period - price smoothing period (not less than 0);
  • MA_method - price smoothing period (0-3);
  • oS - oversold level;
  • oB - overbuy level;
  • up_or_down - RSX direction change signal;
  • exit_from_oversold_or_overbuy - RSX exit from oversold/overbuy zone;
  • entrance_to_oversold_or_overbuy - RSX entry into oversold/overbuy zone;
  • intersection_of_the_middle - RSX crossing the middle point between oversold/overbuy zones.
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Versão 3.0 2016.11.18
Added automatic correction of invalid parameter values.
Versão 2.0 2016.04.26
Simplified the input of settings, added description to the indicator code.