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ユーザーの評価に基づくMetaTrader 4のトップインディケーター


Улучшенные полосы Боллинджера

The indicator of peaks.


yesterday market close european market or NYSE close price

Just Close - Parabolic SAR

Вертикальный горизонтальный фильтр (VHF) показывает, в какой фазе находится рынок: в фазе направленного движения или застоя.

This indicator uses Heiken Ashi method to enable traders to keep their trades the maximum time.

The indicator is base on "volume spared analysis".

The indicator has the informative character.

A simple indicator that displays the chart of the symbol in the window of another symbol.

Updates: 1. Order Type Discrimination 2. SL+TP and OE line price. 3. Enhanced user defined labels. Calculates pip distance between Order Execution price and SL & TP price

This indicator is calculating numbers of ticks and average time between ticks for each minute in the current hour.

This version 2 of Multi currency pair Indicator. It includes an optional trend line and the color of the label has been changed to red to make it visible on default chart template.

Based on two MA.

Basic combination of fractals, DiNapoli objectives and Fibo nodes.

The channel indicator formed of 2 Kijun-Sen lines (Ichimoku system).

Price Alert MetaTrader indicator plays sound alerts when the price reaches certain levels that are specified by the trader.

A Notifier for I-Regr Indicator, It alerts when Price Breaks Up or Down I-Regr lines.N

This indicator shows the % Daily Change of yesterday close with respect to actual price (Bid).

Line indicator Parabolic SAR for the current Time Frame and the next one

Get the High Median and Low values of each timeframe, use them all or one at a time, pick a specific one it is up to you and your needs. The family of indicators will be here for your use

This indicator shows the interaction between price open and the period's volume.

Average Change Indicator

Three indicators MA, RSI and Stoxastic with the ability to select the desired timeframe.

three indicators to use with the Raghee Horner method

ROC Indicator.

The REI (Range Expansion Index) indicator by Thomas DeMark.

This code of Parabolic SAR doesn't make the errors when working together with the same second indicator located on the same chart.

The divergence of RSI, the continuation of the divergence topic.

The different colored snippets of MA are shown on the current chart depending on the direction of the MA moving at on the chosen timeframes, or they're not drawn at all if the moving on the chosen timeframes is differently directed.

The application of Lagrange's interpolation polynomial at FOREX.

An indicator that allows to see the "larger" periods (for example, half-yearly or yearly).

Indicator of Bollinger bands.

An indicator that divides the M1 period into H1.

Indicator NewTrend_v1.

Modified valasholic13 indicator.

It draws three lines of different periods in one subwindow.

On Bollinger Bands grounds

It shows how the price changed with the coming of a new tick.

Indicator Decema.