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Currencies Power Meter Buffer

Hi Traders,

This useful product will Helps you to get 28 currencies power meter as indicator buffers for use in Expert Advisors and other Indicators.

You can get them as buffers 0-27 for current candle.

  • Buffers Value - This values are between -100 to +100 ("-" for Bearish Trend, "+" for Bullish Tread), For Ex. if EURUSD's Buffer is +37 it means it is in a bullish trend and bigger values is better for us.
  • Time Frames - In all time frames you will get same values for each buffer (thy are not depend to time frames), Also you can get all buffers (All of 28 currencies) on current chart.
  • Getting Buffers value - You can get current "Power Meter" value on " index[0] (Current candle) and it is enough to put this codes to get the values:

For example:

EURUSD Power's index will be:

iCustom(Symbol(),Period(),"MDA7-Currency Meter",0,0);

GBPUSD Power's index will be:

iCustom(Symbol(),Period(),"MDA7-Currency Meter",1,0);

You can get more information from screenshots.

I hope this will helps you in your trades.

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Versión 1.10 2017.01.10
An issue of file name was fixed.
In previous version there was a code that costumers could not able to change the Indicator's name.
That code removed.