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ForexCandlestickPatterns - indicador para MetaTrader 4

Roberto Jacobs | Spanish English Português 日本語 Deutsch

votos: 13
2019.03.19 09:21

ForexCandlestickPatterns with alert are forex indicators based on Japanese Candlestick Strategies

by the legendary Japanese Munehisa Homma, which can help traders penetrate inside of financial markets.

Hopefully useful for fellow traders.


iTrend_new iTrend_new

iTrend_new is base on iTrend Indicator by MetaQuotes Software Corp. Update and modify by Roberto Jacobs 3rjfx @ 2019/03/18, for MT4 with Signal and Alert and options to display signal on the chart.

Explosion Explosion

Advisor scalper. Trading algorithm: Candle[0]> Candle[1] * 2. Taimframe - 4H.

Reverse Day Fractal Reverse Day Fractal

Expert scalper for daily timeframe.

DayPivotPoint DayPivotPoint

Indicator DayPivotPoint System with Signal and Alert for MetaTrader 4