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stochSeller - Asesor Experto para MetaTrader 4

Antonis Michos | Spanish English Português 日本語 Deutsch

votos: 14
2019.01.13 18:53
2019.06.25 23:13
stochSell.mq4 (378.85 KB)ver
  • Expert optimized for EURCAD in 5min chart,using the stochastics for enter a SHORT ONLY positions.
  •  three stochastics used for an entry and ATR
  •  up to 8 grid pending positions after the first position fails to close in profit
  •  pips averaging algorithm
  • For better performance you can increase the profit from 23 pips to 35.

Pls,let me know what do you think.I can optimize for any pair either for sell or buy positions.

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