We you be able to turn this to mt4


will you be able to do this
Based on support / resistance and a N (neutral) in the middle
i want exactly like the attach file. If you can do this apply


Developer 1
Developer 2
0% / 100%
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Hello! I seek for an experienced expert advisor creator who can help me build an EA for turning manual strategies (which are created using indicators & rules) into automated strategies - on MT4 & MT5. I’d also like the project completed within 3 days if possible. Please be sure to read the instruction file I’ve attached below before placing your application. Thank you
Hi,I have a set of indicators which i use to trade nasdaq only.I am looking for someone who can turn that into a robot because i no longer have time to be looking at the computer waiting for a signal.Instead of me taking the trade,I want the robot to be the one that is executing the trades
hello dear developers i looking for a simple robot based on Hicanashi candlesticks color change with money management options and alerts massages and .... MM just attention i need to a periods for test the final version. thanks all
This offer is for any and all developers here that are skilled enough to create an entirely new EA software based off of three existing software files that I already have. I ordered each of them specifically for this purpose because I recognized the potential of what could be done if they all worked together as one system. This particular EA is based around the Renko Street Trader EA. HOWEVER with my idea I want this
Charles oluebube 30 - 10000 USD
I love to trade. I need a vendor who will and build me into a professional trader. I wouldn't want to be mislead by anyone. Someone real should kindly teach me this
Expert Advisor 30+ USD
I will need you to go through the installation instructions of my Recovery EA. Then look at the results from another EA I have been trading with. The results are very good but there is no SL so if drawdown goes too low it could blow the account. I want to engage the recovery EA if the drawdown gets too low. Here are the recovery EA Instructions https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/736552 . The EA already on my MT4
Hello people! I need a developer conversant with Deriv. Need a hedging bot. I need it with few inputs like,; *Multiplier, *Comments *PipsToHedge . Actually you'll have to write very few lines. It's a Semi-Auto system. Let's meet inbox
HI sir / madam 1) Looking For MT4, MQL4, MQL5 CODER /PROGRAMER who can display Net loss/profit of all opened trades in a candlestick form of custom time interval. This can be done by collecting data from Net Loss/Profit of all opened trades for the custom time intervals and display candlestick with high low close and open values after custom time interval finishes. Custom time frames should be 5 sec , 15 sec, 30
Deriv bot 30+ USD
Hello guys text me to buy my deriv bot and indicators +27815364611 my mentorship is $25 whatsapp now to get your #youngforextraders #youngmillionars #forexladies you know the vibes # chilling #trading please support me guys
coments on chart Account name: Account type: Profit: How calculate Profit Option 1: Calculate profit of Closed Orders Option 2: Calculate profit of Floating Orders Option 3: Calculate profit of Closed+Floating Orders ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| stoploss/takeprofit(%): if i reach sl/tp i will wait for next day to make new orders(and will close all floating orders ) How to calculate Stoploss and Takeprofit Option

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