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Calculator for Proposal

About 13 years ago when GSM technology was very new in my country, only the rich could afford to buy GSM mobile phones and recharge cards. Anyone in possession of it was viewed with a lot of respect. Girls particularly wouldn’t consider you for a relationship if you had no GSM phone. So boys tended to try to assume any forms of guises to impress girls.

There was a young man who loved to win girls by assuming to be a personage. He took something like an attractive handset out in the midst of 4 beautiful girls and started making fake calls.

“Hallo!” He shouted. “Is that Dublin? Please could I talk to Mr. Johnson Micawber? Good afternoon Mr. Micawber. Yes, have you effected the purchase of that duplex? Okay, I’ll send the remaining balance by check to you. Thanks.”

The beautiful girls had started to think of giving him a chance. He dialed another fake number.

“Hallo! I am Mr. Okoro, the son of High Chief Raymond Soofo. Is that the Canadian Ministry of International Trade? Just to assure you that I’ll soon send $1.5 million by wire transfer to you so that you could start that importation arrangement. Thanks and bye.”

The girls were determined to have him – for financial comfort and international connection. The boy made another sham call.

“Hallo! Could I talk to Japanese Prime Minister, please. My name is…” But before he could continue, his younger brother just emerged, not knowing what was going on, and talked to him directly in the presence of the girls.

“Good afternoon, brother. Our mom instructed me to take the calculator that’s in your hands.”

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There was a man who was looking for a job. He had tried all he could, but in vain. He later decided, after a long search, to go to a zoo and apply for any position available.

When he got to the zoo’s management at last, the manager said:

“OK there is no job now, but we are considering you for a possible post. There is a shortage of some wild animals here. And you, honestly, with your broad and hairy chest, huge build and terrible face, could be a gorilla.”

The man nodded. The manager continued: “Since you need a job badly. Your ugly but huge build make you look like a gorilla. So you may stay in the zoo during visiting hours, and eat, shout, act like a gorilla. We’ll pay you $400 per month for this. We shall try to see how you could look more like a real gorilla, so come back tomorrow.”

The man thanked and left. The next day, he was given the job.

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Azeez Mustapha  

The Real Elixir

I am not a Lao Tzu or a Taoist, but when I went to the land of the spirits I was shown a secret to everlasting life on earth. In fact all our social, academic, marital, career and material pursuits are worthless simply because life is short – only 80 or 90 years. I am just planning to try this prescription, but I am sure it works; only for those who have the courage and determination to gather the ingredients and use it as prescribed. Now take a pen and a piece of paper and jot down this secret.

  1. Cut a small piece of cloth from a dress belonging to your great granny.
  2. Shave the Saudi Monarch’s mustache.
  3. Pilfer a live light bulb in an army general’s office at night – in an army barracks.
  4. Cut the head of a tortoise which is 250 years old.
  5. The shoelace of an American politician who has lost elections 10 times.
  6. Pull out a claw from a conscious lion.
  7. Let all the above be burnt to ashes by a pregnant woman who is still a virgin.
  8. Then take it from her, preserve it in an air-tight pot, add a teaspoonful to some pap once in a year.

Once it is finished, live forever. This is SURE!

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One Request At A Time

There was a local heathen that was just converted to Christianity. In fact, he was a novice Christian. One day, he wanted to pray, but heard that another person was praying next room, so he decided to wait for the person to finish praying before he started his own prayer.

After 30 minutes, the other person was still praying, and he therefore waited another 30 minutes. After that the other person was still praying, he lost patience and went to the person’s apartment, knocking hard. That person opened the door and this novice Christian started ranting his complaint:

“Why are you so selfish? You’ve been praying for over 1 hour and you haven’t stopped. I also want to pray to God but I just want to let you finish praying so that I can also have the opportunity to talk to Him in prayer. You’ve failed to stop praying and you are delaying me! Why are you so selfish?”

The other person tried to control his laughter, and said:

“I’m sorry. But I’m not delaying you. Our God is omnipresent and can hear and discern what everybody is saying, even if the whole world were praying at the same time. So you can start praying without waiting for anybody to finish. He isn’t a human being with severe limitations.”

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Azeez Mustapha  

Or Else Pure Water

There was a bully who liked to intimidate the weak and cheat them. He would go to an eatery and shout at any customer who regularly visited the eatery:

“Give me your food or else…”

The man would give him the food in fear. Another time the bully would go there:

“Give me your drink or else…”

The man would give him the drink. This thing continued for a long time till the victim decided to report to one notorious thug in the area. This thug was renowned for dangerous fights and lethal weapons. His dad was a prisoners’ president in one of the most dreaded maximum prisons in the country, and he had been imprisoned for 42 year (even before the Civil War). The professional thug offered to help this victim free of charge. He followed him to the eatery and sat beside him. No sooner had he sat down than the bully appeared. He shouted:

“Give me your food or else…!”

The hired thug stood up to the man, chest-to-chest, face-to-face, with a great scowl and roared at the bully with a raucous voice:

“May God punish you and your generation. Or else what…?”

Shuddering with fear, the bully didn’t answer.

“I say, or else what…?”

The man cowered and answered:

“Or else pure water. Or else pure water.”

And he ran away.

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An Introduction to a Demand and Supply Signals Strategy

Long-term Pending Orders at Effective Demand and Supply Zones

“I know, that all action on the market is there to be read in the chart: as long as one knows where to look and what to look for.” – Alan Saunders

This is an introduction to a signals strategy that would start coming up later this month. It just makes sense that interested traders get familiar with the details of the strategy so that they can know what to do in any circumstances brought about by the markets.

As we experience the zigs and zags of trading, we want to be sure that we’re doing the right thing. Doing the right thing means going with the flow of the markets. At a demand zone, buyers are willing to buy from sellers who’re rushing into the imbalance of the price at a wrong time. The same thing is true of a supply zone: the sellers want to sell to the buyers who want to go long when the imbalance in the price is against them. This kind of timing can scupper the effort of speculators who go into the wrong side of the market.

The Demand and Supply Signals Strategy makes you buy logically low and sell logically high, and do it right. Please see the details below:

Details of the Strategy

Strategy name: Demand and Supply Signals Strategy

Strategy type: Position trading

Trading style: Discretionary

Suitability: Good for part-time traders

Time horizons: 4-hour charts, sometimes daily charts

Order type: Pending orders (Buy Limit and Sell Limit)

Entry rules: Based on powerful demand and supply zones on the charts

Stop loss: 100 pips

Take profit: 200 pips

Position sizing: Please use 0.01 lots for each $1000 (and thus making it 0.1 lots for $10000); or 1.0 lots for each $100000

Risk per trade: 1%

Risk to reward ratio: 1:2

Breakeven: You can move you stop to breakeven after you gain up to 70 pips

Trailing stop: You can set up to a 50% trailing stop after you’ve gained up to 170 pips

Maximum signals: 20 signals

Maximum trades: 10 trades per month

Duration: One month

Further Note

All the available signals in a month would be generated simultaneously. In the details of the strategy above, you can see that ‘maximum signals’ are different from ‘maximum trades.’ This is because not all pending orders would be filled. Expiry date is set for each pending order which is usually one month in duration. About 13 pending orders were generated in December 2013, but only 3 were filled. 2 of the trades hit their targets, giving me 400 pips, but the third trade was slightly negative. The logic for exiting it is to close it once it has reached any positivity (no matter how little). The worst thing that can happen on that trade is for it to hit its stop loss.

Below is an example of how a pending order signal looks like:

Instrument: EURUSD

Order: Sell Limit

Entry date: June 18, 2012

Entry price: 1.2572

Stop loss: 1.2674

Take profit: 1.2374

The signals would also be traded live, but only account holders at may have access to that. This ensures that they get the signals in a timely manner, for prices can move surprisingly. Nevertheless, the signals would usually be published on this website.

Conclusion: Many want to enjoy gains without seeing the occasional drawdowns that come with it. There’s no way around the fact that negativity will come occasionally, but we can control it so that it has no big impact on our capital, which is one way of remaining permanently triumphant in the markets. This strategy has the potential to trigger trades that have winners that are bigger than average losers on a long-time basis. One way of doing this is to let our profits run. The pressure we feel comes from us; really, we’re the ones who desire the quick profits that others are talking about. As for me, I’m content with the results I get, so I don’t care as much if people say that the profits are small. Besides, I like being the kind of trader I want to be.

This piece is ended with the quote below:

“By starting small and following a few simple rules, trading can be the best career on the planet!” – Rick Wright

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Lunatic, one of many on here.

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Azeez Mustapha  

Weekly Trading Forecasts on Major Pairs (January 13 – 17, 2014)

Next week, the markets are expected to keep on going contrary to the dominant biases. As expected, there have already been breakouts from the current equilibrium phases that are seen in some cases. As the breakouts are being expected, it would also be helpful to watch what volume is doing. Experienced traders know that volume is an important factor behind prices. But it is amazing that most traders do not pay attention to it.


Dominant bias: Bearish

This pair was trading largely sideways until there was a bullish breakout in the market. The breakout, though a serious threat to the extant bearish bias, has not really rendered it useless. The price has closed above the support line of 1.3650, but it would need to close above the resistance line of 1.3700 before it can be said that the bearish bias is over and the trend has turned bullish. Otherwise, the current price action would simply be an opportunity to sell another rally.


Dominant bias: Bullish

This pair was trading largely sideways until there was a bearish breakout in the market. The breakout, though a serious threat to the extant bullish bias, has not really rendered it useless. The price has closed below the resistance level of 0.9050, but it would need to close below the support level of 0.9000 before it can be said that the bullish bias is over and the trend has turned bearish. Otherwise, the current price action would simply be an opportunity to buy another dip in the price.


Dominant bias: Bullish

Oddly enough, this pair, which is supposed to be in a positive correlation agreement with its EURUSD counterpart, is in a negative correlation with it. This kind of phenomenon sometimes happens before the law of positive correlation comes into effect again. Right now, the trend in the market is bullish and it may be possible for the price to reach the accumulation territory at 1.6600, unless it would go into a negative correlation with the EURUSD.


Dominant bias: Bullish

For a few weeks, this currency trading instrument has been having difficulties in trading significantly higher. The trend is bullish, but it seems that the near supply zones are becoming too formidable for the bulls. The greatest barrier is at the supply level of 105.50, and should the bulls find it impossible to breach that level to the upside next week, this would be beginning of a long-term southward journey in the market. With that, we would prefer to sell rallies.


Dominant bias: Bearish

This cross has already been bearish and the bulls are unable to even push the price beyond the supply zone at 143.00 (though that zone has been tested several times recently). There is a Bearish Confirmation Pattern in the market and the price could fall further seriously from here – certain JPY pairs have done that.

This forecast is concluded with the quote below:

“Trading is serious business and you must be prepared with the best that you have in order to do battle in the trading trenches.” – Dr. Woody Johnson

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Azeez Mustapha  

An Introduction to a JPY Pairs Pullbacks Trading Method

Selling the Rallies and Buying the Dips in Direction of Dominant Biases

“All you can do in the end is do your best, and keep building up your trading skills. If you keep trying to excel, but stay realistic, you'll eventually achieve lasting success.” – Joe Ross

In a recent article titled ‘An Introduction to a Demand and Supply Signals Strategy - Long-term Pending Orders at Effective Demand and Supply Zones,’ it’s mentioned that the signals from the strategy would be coming on a monthly basis. Another trading method explained here makes you trade like Smart Money does. It’s also the 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] signals strategy that would be used to send signals and therefore, it is better to familiarize yourself with the strategy, so that when the signals come, you’ll know the principles and reasons behind them.

Since the currency markets are the best trending markets that exist, it is rational to follow the dominant trends, also in a logical way. When a pair, say the GBPJPY, is dropping like a stone, it’s more likely that it’ll continue dropping for its loss of stamina. But the drop in price would be accompanied by occasional transient rallies in the context of the southward propensity. Someone who goes short on the GBPJPY could be stopped out by a transient rally before the price continues to go further downward in their favor. This would happen because a stop may be too tight and because the price doesn’t go in a straight line.

With this trading method, we’d be speculating on JPY pairs: USDJPY, EURJPY, GBPJPY, AUDJPY, NZDJPY, CADJPY, and CHFJPY. The JPY pairs tend to move in noteworthy manners; and since they tend to be positively correlated to one another, they’re easier to predict. We buy a pullback in the context of an uptrend or sell a rally in the context of a downtrend. This makes us sell dearer on weak instruments and buy cheaper on strong instruments – really good bargains!

This method doesn’t do well when a trend is changing. But soon the change would be confirmed and we’ll prepare to take signals in respect of that. This means a rally may signal the end of a downtrend, and vice versa for an uptrend. It also means either the hegemony of the bull or the bear is over. We would be behaving like the majority when we allow ourselves to be carried away by irrationality; for trading with irrationality can prevent us from realizing our goals, as it happens to the majority. We just want to make sure that the vagaries of the markets don’t have adverse effects on our portfolios. We can face transitory negativity triumphantly (negativity would always be transitory), and later recover quickly and move ahead when the markets smile on us. Such is trading.

In order to understand this trading method, please see the details below.

Details of the Strategy

Strategy name: JPY Pairs Pullbacks Trading Method

Strategy type: Swing trading

Trading style: Systematic

Suitability: For full-time and part-time traders

Time horizons: Hourly chart

Currency instruments: JPY pairs

Order type: Instant execution

Signal days: Mondays

Period: Evening

Entry rules: Buy a pullback in the context of an uptrend or sell a rally in a context of a downtrend

Stop loss: 100 pips

Take profit: 200 pips

Position sizing: Please use 0.01 lots for each $2000 (and thus making it 0.05 lots for $20000); or 0.5 lots for each $100000

Risk per trade: 0.5% per trade minimum, depends on equity ratio

Risk to reward ratio: 1:2

Exit: Close any open positive trade which is 2 weeks old

Breakeven: You can move you stop to breakeven after you gain up to 70 pips

Trailing stop: You can set up to a 50% trailing stop after you’ve gained up to 170 pips

Maximum signals per week: 7

Duration: 2 weeks

More Explanation

Based on my experience, this would be done only on Mondays. If there is a Monday in which the entry criteria aren’t fulfilled, no trades would be taken. Sometimes, it may even take a few Mondays before there are tradable signals. That is the peculiarity of the strategy. When the entry criteria are met, you’d know when to place your orders since you know the setups are clean. It’s when you smooth your orders that your account balance can be increased and therefore your exit criteria must be taken serious. This method netted me a profit of 500 pips (5%) in December 2013. Of course, there were losses which were smaller than the profits. Understandably, there’d be negative months or months when there would be flat performances. However, there’d be profits to show in the long run.

Below is an example of how a JPY pair order signal looks like:

Instrument: EURJPY

Order: Buy

Entry date: November 25, 2013

Entry price: 137.300

Stop loss: 136.300

Take profit: 139.300

The signals would be published on this website. The signals would also be traded live for Tallinex clients to see. These signals will initially be emailed to subscribers, but will soon be offered via the automatic trade-following feature of our upcoming social trading platform.

Conclusion: The aim of this trading method is to buy dips in an uptrend or sell rallies in a downtrend. We need to respect the major bias always.

This piece is ended with the quote below:

“It is by watching and managing the losing trades that you will make money. The winning trades can be left alone (never, never, close out too soon).” – Alan Saunders

Source: talinex