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CMO v1: CMO v1 indicator. Author: John Smith
Parabolic_Alert: Parabolic_Alert indicator. Author: John Smith
StringArraySuite: Functions for handling two dimensional string arrays. Usefull for prototyping. Author: Edward Hirsch
AudioPrice: Have audio output of latest price. Author: Edward Hirsch
StepMA_v7: StepMA_v7 indicator. Author: John Smith
Level Trading: System of intraday time trade. Author: John Smith
A Script to Calculate MAE and MFE : Drawdowns are calculated, too. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
SI: SI indicator. Author: John Smith
StepRSI_v5.2: Strategy pabloski, is realized in indicator StepRSI_v5.2. Author: John Smith
StepChoppy_v2: StepChoppy_v2 indicator. Uses indicators: StepMA_v7, StepRSI_v5.2. Author: John Smith
Indicator 'Currency' Is a Useful Program: The indicator-informer Currency prints and writes into a file the following information. Author: Alexei Kharchenko
JMASlope_MTF - Multi-Frame Indicator: A simple multi-frame indicator on the basis of JMASlope for the organization of scalping and swing trading, as well as for an easier detection of Elliot Waves. Author: asystem2000
Alternative of Moving Averages on the Basis of Bezier Curve: This indicator is alternative of moving averages, but with lower lag and adjustable sensitivity coefficient. Author: Евгений
  Indicators: TREND_alexcud (13   1 2)
TREND_alexcud: A multi-timeframe indicator. It shows the trend direction of several time charts in a separate window. Author: Aleksander
Awesome_Signal - Extended Awesome: The standard Awesome with some amendments: signal line, setup of quick, slow, signal line, shifting of the signal line. Author: asystem2000
Indicator: ind_FullSymbol_v1: Shows the full symbol name on a chart. Author: Dmitry Fedoseev
Turbo JRSX: The indicator shows a trend. Author: John Smith
#MTF Center of Gravity: #MTF Center of Gravity indicator. Author: John Smith
RSI DeMarker Super Position: Indicator RSI DeMarker Super Position Author: Sergey Kazachenko
Impulse MACD: Impulse MACD. The method of its construction is not traditional. This indicator is the result of laziness and absence of a working area on a chart. Author: Sergey Kazachenko
Equivolume Bars Builder: Another version. Author: Евгений
StochR% Super Position Indicator: One more indicator form the series of Super Positions: StochR% Super Position Author: Sergey Kazachenko
Metro: Indicator Metro Author: John Smith
Math-System: Math-System indicator. Author: John Smith
Probe: Advisor Probe. Author: John Smith
Nextbar: Advisor Nextbar. Author: John Smith
SilverTrend v3: Advisor Silver Trend v3. Opens one transaction. Author: John Smith
ichimok2005: Advisor ichimok2005. Uses indicator Ichimoku. Author: John Smith
Tunnel: Indicator Tunnel Author: John Smith
i_DCG_ModStDev: Indicator iDCG ModStDev. Author: John Smith