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Experts: qFollow EA

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp.  

qFollow EA:

This EA implements a trailing stop buy and a trailing stop sell. It places an order above the price and below the price. The sell stop order will fall with the price, the stop sell order will rise.

Author: Thomas Quester


Wait a minute... Is it a simple "advisor, which is used to augment another advisor"???

Well, I've already got "Swiss Army EA" (it's free) for it. Well, I cannot apply it on backtests, so I want to ask you for such little adding: please, make an EA, which can add trailing stop to theese EA, which are on backtest. I don't want to wait 2 months for "demo tests".

Dear Mr Thomas Quester,

Your EA is very good for me....especially on NEWS HIGH IMPACT.
did you have any update for your qFollow EA ??
1.  two or three grid pending orders ( can set manually )
2.  Close All Button or Close at Profit Button
3.  Stop next Cycle Button

Thx in advance....
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