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Demark Trendlines: Demark Trendlines from Demark Lines for Mt5 Author: rossforex
Road Map: The indicator displays the series of waves, breakthrough points and targets for Take Profit. Author: Evgeni Inkov
ZScore: The ZScore indicator shows relative price deviation from its average value. Author: Scriptor
Demark Lines: My version of plotting the DeMark lines, also draws channels in addition to the trend lines and targets. Added one more target (the third one defined as 1.62 of the inner extremum), added the signal cancellation when closing within the channel. Author: GameOver
Candle Time End and Spread: The indicator displays the current spread and the time till closing the current bar (candlestick) at the same time. Author: Olexiy Polyakov
Momentum Histo: Displays a Histogram of Momentum, ATR, CCI or RSI indicators relative to a specified level. This indicator is based on code from the original author Iurii Tokman. I translated it from Russian and made the following improvements: Added trading alerts (Alerts in MetaTrader 4...
New article Automatic construction of support and resistance lines has been published: The article deals with automatic construction of support/resistance lines using local tops and bottoms of price charts. The well-known ZigZag indicator is applied to define these extreme values. Support and...
Multicurrency hedge example EA (overlay hedge): The example of multicurrency hedging implementation on a single chart in Metatrader 4. Author: Simonas Aukscionis
  Indicators: ZigZag Signal (25   1 2 3)
ZigZag Signal: Indicator ZigZag System with Signal and AlertAdded Alert and modify by Roberto Jacobs 3rjfx @ 2018/12/29 Author: Roberto Jacobs
Proffessor v3: Grid of pending orders. The EA applies iADX (Average Directional Movement Index, ADX) indicator. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Regression Channel with variable polynomial degree - indicator for MetaTrader 5: Regression Channel with variable polynomial degree - indicator for MetaTrader 5. EA - work in progress. Author: l3chat
New article MetaTrader 5 features hedging position accounting system has been published: The MetaTrader 5 platform was originally designed for trading within the netting position accounting system. The netting system allows having only one position per financial instrument meaning that all further...
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Proper Bot: The Proper Bot is for those who like Martingale style trading. Features: Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop Loss functions. All are calculated in POINTS. Author: Patrick Burns
iPlotterHistoryOrders: This indicator is a tool to show history orders on the chart. Indicator show open time and price, close time and price and profit in pips on the chart. It can help the trader to see all history orders which are opened either manually or by an automated system....
Skype Control Library: Library to work with Skype. Author: Andrey Voytenko
Spectrometr_Separate: Financial asset oscillation spectrum Fig.1 The Spectrometr_Separate indicator Author: Nikolay Kositsin
New article Expert Advisor featuring GUI: Creating the panel (part I) has been published: Despite the fact that many traders still prefer manual trading, it is hardly possible to completely avoid the automation of routine operations. The article shows an example of developing a multi-symbol signal...
Price_Volume_Divergence: Indicator Price volume divergence Author: Scriptor
prior day close: yesterday market close european market or NYSE close price Author: Ramin Rostami
Bollinger Band width calculation with Neural Network using: This Expert Advisor works with Neural Network method Author: surubabs
Hello, I'm trying to start using the Fuzzy library mentioned in this link: but I'm receiving the following compilation errors: Could some one help me fix these errors please? I'm using Metatrader 4 build 1260 Thanks in advance
Pearson coefficient: Pearson coefficient Author: Mladen Rakic
hello everyone, I'm writing a panel and I wanted to ask if you can set and use the CSpinEdit class by writing in the text box and not just clicking on the increase and decrease arrows. I have not found the way thank you //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //|
Hidden TP and SL: Easy EA for closing positions with profit or loss. All positions of charts symbol are counted separately. Author: Tadeusz Kiesner
New article The Basic of Coding A Hedge Expert Advisor has been published: An example of hedge Expert Advisor is just presented in this article. The author will choose its very own favorite hedge pair that is EURJPY & GBPJPY. It always moves the same way, easier to set the hedging order type...
Ultra Trend MTF: Ultra Trend indicator made as multi timeframe. Timeframes supported are all the possible timeframes supported by MetaTrader 5 and it has 3 "special" timeframes: Next higher timeframe: first higher timeframe compared to active chart, Second higher timeframe: second higher timeframe...
New article Color optimization of trading strategies has been published: In this article we will perform an experiment: we will represent optimization results as different colors. The final color is determined by three parameters: the levels of red, green and blue (RGB). There are other color coding...
New article Creating Custom Criteria of Optimization of Expert Advisors is published: The MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal offers a wide range of opportunities for optimization of Expert Advisor parameters. In addition to the optimization criteria included in the strategy tester, developers are given...
New article Interview with Ruslan Ziyatdinov (ATC 2012) is published: The Championship keeps providing us with new discoveries, as well as new interesting Participants and unusual ideas implemented in the competition trading robots. While interviewing Ruslan Ziyatdinov (rusland1962), we learned...
Donchian channel - extended: Donchian channel - extended Author: Mladen Rakic