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Advanced ADX: This indicator shows ADX indicator in another easy way. Buy when Bars is Green, Sell When Bars is Red. Author: waddah attar
Trix pivots: Trix pivots Author: Mladen Rakic 
Bears_Bulls_Impuls: An indicator of bull/bear power. Author: Scriptor
Total_Power: The Total Power indicator Author: Scriptor
Candle Closing Time Remaining (CCTR) MT5: Candle Closing Time Remaining (CCTR) MT5 is an indicator which displays the remaining time for an open candle to be closed. Features Changeable color and size....
New article General information on Trading Signals for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 is published: MetaTrader 4 / MetaTrader 5 Trading Signals is a service allowing traders to copy trading operations of a Signals Provider. Our goal was to develop the new massively used service protecting...
New article Create Your Own Trading Robot in 6 Steps! is published: If you don't know how trade classes are constructed, and are scared of the words "Object Oriented Programming", then this article is for you. In fact, you do not need to know the details to write your own module of trading signals....
Micro Trend breakouts: "Micro Trend breakouts"naked trading price action EA draws 4 Trend Lines with "Fractals"(2main+2small) on chart and trades with Trend breakouts,has Trailing Stop Loss &Take Profit works with all time frames major forex pairs and stocks NASDAQ. Author: Aharon Tzadik
Refresh 28 Charts: This code extracts tick data from the broker's server and refreshes the 28 charts of the 8 commonly traded currencies in MT4. Author: Joel Protusada
Condition Scanner: Scan for conditions in which you have an interest. Show where the condition arose historically on the current Symbol and timeframe. On a separate panel, show where the condition has currently arisen for any of your chosen symbols and timeframes. Author: michael
Instance ID script for MT4/MT5: This script allows a user to find out instance_id of the running MetaTrader instance/installation. Author: Stanislav Korotky
Smoothed_ADX: Indicator Smoothed ADX Author: Scriptor
stoplos and takprofit: By running this expert, it puts Stop Las and tack profit for the open position Author: MASOUD SAFIZADEH
Stochastic with support / resistance levels: Stochastic with support / resistance levels Author: Mladen Rakic
Closing profitable positions based on the dollar: This code closes when your position is based on dollars Author: MASOUD SAFIZADEH
Triple DSEMA: Variation of the "triple" series of indicators. Basic version of "triple" indicators is using Hull Moving Average. One possible disadvantage of using Hull Moving Average is that Hull Moving Average is tending to overshoot in some situations. This version uses double smoothed...
Regression Analysis: This indicator compares four types of regression (linear, quadratic, logarithmic and exponential) and chooses the one that best fits the data analyzed. Author: BORIS ARMENTEROS
ShowOrdersOnChart: Small indicator for monitoring the history of closed and the status of open orders on the chart. Red - unprofitable order, green - profitable. Author: Макс
New article Universal Expert Advisor: Pending Orders and Hedging Support (Part 5) has been published: This article provides further description of the CStrategy trading engine. By popular demand of users, we have added pending order support functions to the trading engine. Also, the latest version...
Dynamic Pivot: Dynamic Pivot Indicator, provide all timeframes and extra timeframes Author: ANWAR MINARSO Minarso
Mouteki-Demark trend new: Another Demark indicator. Author: John Smith
MQL_Easy: A cross platform library/framework Author: Dionisis Nikolopoulos
  Indicators: Equity Chart (37   1 2 3 4)
Equity Chart: The indicator displays the equity and balance charts. Author: transcendreamer
Ehlers inverse fisher transform of RSI: Ehlers inverse Fisher transform of RSI extended.   Author: Mladen Rakic
New article Calculator of signals has been published: The calculator of signals operates directly from the MetaTrader 5 terminal, which is a serious advantage, since the terminal provides a preliminary selection and sorts out signals. This way, users can see in the terminal only the signals that...
New article Continuous Walk-Forward Optimization (Part 3): Adapting a Robot to Auto Optimizer has been published: The third part serves as a bridge between the previous two parts: it describes the mechanism of interaction with the DLL considered in the first article and the objects for report
Above Below MA: An Expert Advisor based on the iMA (Moving Average, MA) indicator. Author: Vladimir Karputov
FX10setup: The indicator shows when to sell and when to buy. But it is not so simple. Author: John Smith
Divergence based on a standard MACD with Alert and language selection.: The MACD is not required to be present on the chart. However, if a standard MACD is attached, the divergence lines will be drawn both on the chart and in the indicator window, and the indicator will use the MACD settings...
SpreadWatch: This indicator watches and displays the biggest spread the pair generated. It is recommended to run at least 5 days, from Monday to Friday, to get a big picture of the broker's spread. Author: Joel Protusada