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Trend Lines Crossing: The indicator "collects" the information of a trend lines drawn on a current chart, displays the prices of lines in the last (forming) bar and also either gives signals, or sends alerts when price crossing the trend line upon trader choice Author: Serhii Ivanenko
New article Portfolio trading in MetaTrader 4 has been published: The article reveals the portfolio trading principles and their application to Forex market. A few simple mathematical portfolio arrangement models are considered. The article contains examples of practical implementation of the...
New article Using MetaTrader 5 Indicators with ENCOG Machine Learning Framework for Timeseries Prediction is published: This article presents connecting MetaTrader 5 to ENCOG - Advanced Neural Network and Machine Learning Framework. It contains description and implementation of a simple neural...
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Renko-Fractals-Grid: This EA uses "Renko" box size on MetaTrader 4 chart. When a Renko box is created (not visible, only calculated in pips) and price reaches the level where there was a fractal, the EA enters a trade. It is recommended to use the EA on 1 Hour and smaller timeframes (on...
New article Interview with Matúš German (ATC 2012) is published: It's the second time Matúš German participates in the Automated Trading Championship. By the end of the fourth week of ATC 2012 his Expert Advisor has been holding its positions in the TOP-10 having about $30 000. Matúš is from...
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MA2CCI: Sample Trading Sistem for cross 2MA & CCI Author: George F.Peskov
ATR_MA_Oscillator: ATR MA Oscillator - Oscillator based on the difference between the ATR oscillator and its signal line Fig.1 The ATR_MA_Oscillator indicator Author: Nikolay Kositsin
EA - The Simple Trading Panel - MT5 : The simple trading panel is a trading tool that is very interesting because it will allow you to predefine your StopLoss and your TakeProfit in term of pips. Author: Rodi Chamii
MT4 EA Template with all the basic features : This is a great template to start from if you're looking to build an MT4 EA quick and easily with your own rules/custom indicators. It has all the nice features for managing the account and the trades. Author: Filip Pop
Library of functions for working with INI-files.: The library contains five functions for reading the values from an INI-file and five functions for writing the values to an INI-file. Thus, there are five pairs of functions to read/write the values of integer array, boolean, double, integer and...
New article Prices in DoEasy library (part 61): Collection of symbol tick series has been published: Since a program may use different symbols in its work, a separate list should be created for each of them. In this article, I will combine such lists into a tick data collection. In fact, this will
Braid Filter indicator of Robert Hill stocks and commodities magazine 2006 : Braid Filter indicator of Robert Hill stocks and commodities magazine 2006 Author: maximo
custom trail-stop by MA : this is my first try at creating an EA from ground up Author: scur
New article Money-Making Algorithms Employing Trailing Stop is published: This article's objective is to study profitability of algorithms with different entries into trades and exits using trailing stop. Entry types to be used are random entry and reverse entry. Stop orders to be used are trailing...
Daily Open Line: An simple Indicator displaying daily opening line. Author: Muhammad Syamil Bin Abdullah
Multicurrency trading panel or a game system: An example of using the MasterWindows library for creating a multicurrency game trade panel. Author: Sergey Pavlov
Close All Positions include pending ones. : This one may not be the fastest, but it will definitely close all your positions. Author: wds3817
Acc+BAl+MArg v2: Adds Account Balance, Equity, Margin, Free Margin and Profit to Chart Author: file45
Highest high & lowest low support resistance: Highest high & lowest low support resistance Author: Mladen Rakic
New article Money Management by Vince. Implementation as a module for MQL5 Wizard has been published: The article is based on 'The Mathematics of Money Management' by Ralph Vince. It provides the description of empirical and parametric methods used for finding the optimal size of a trading lot. Also...
Alert Crossing Moving Average Nth Bar: An alert (an audio alert, email and push notification) is generated when the iMA (Moving Average, MA) indicator crosses the bar with index N. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Volume Rate of Change: Since now we have a possibility of using real volumes too (where it is provided by the broker), seems that the Volume Rate of Change indicator becomes interesting to be used. The Volume Rate of Change indicator (VROC) measures the rate of change in volume over the past...
CCI_OBOS_Crossover: CCI OBOS Crossover indicator Author: Scriptor
HTML file converter for the economic calendar: HTML file converter for the economic calendar. The script parses a page downloaded from, and forms a CSV file with the list of news. Author: Yury Kirillov
The Decycler : The Decycler: John Ehlers, "Cycle Analytics For Traders" by John Ehlers, pp. 40 - 41. Author: Andrei Novichkov
HL: The indicator displays the pivot level, support and resistance levels. Originally this indicator has been written in MQL4 and was first published in the Code Base at on 24.09.2007. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
JS-Chaos: The Expert Advisor is based on Bill Williams' strategy. Author: Vladimir Karputov
MT5-RingSystemEA: It's a triangular arbitrage system (three pairs correlation system) to use 3 currencies to make 3 pairs to open hedge orders on those. The expert starts opening six orders for each ring (3 plus and 3 minus) and wait to move prices in one direction to make a grid of orders. Author
Adaptive Moving Average (AMA): Adaptive Moving Average (AMA) is used for constructing a moving average with low sensitivity to price series noises and is characterized by the minimal lag for trend detection. This indicator was developed and described by Perry Kaufman in his book "Smarter Trading"...
JS-Stoh+BB+RSI: Multiple indicator system using the RSI oscillators and stochastic with Bollinger Bands Fig.1 The JS-Stoh+BB+RSI indicator Author: Nikolay Kositsin