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Selling Cloud Processing??

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Bradford Hall
Bradford Hall  
Hey so I'm new here and I just saw that you can make about 30USD a month selling your processing??

I was wondering if anyone else here currently does this and if my system would be a good spec and what I could expect from it.

I have two i7-6700K CPUs @ 4.00 GHZ and another laptop that's an i5 processor from 2013
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

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All (not yet) about Strategy Tester, Optimization and Cloud

Alain Verleyen, 2013.08.20 19:47

A must ! Before using it or asking any question : please read the Online Help  (Also accessible by F1 on your MT5 platform)

Strategy Tester

For Traders

For Programmers



Announce of the launch : MQL5 Cloud Network launched.

As Users

Some useful topic about usage of the Cloud :

As Providers (agents)

Work in progress, stay tuned !

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