How the EA should work:

Maby add a filter for session or simply disable the ea ny close/asian session.

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MACD/Momentum/RSI EA - need help to code it!

Hi guys!

It makes a while i haven't post here since i don't trade whit indicators anymore and this site is the kingsdom of indic!

BUT! I went over simple tech of trading based on high/low and ema setting witch is profitable for me.

In short, i need someone to code a SIMPLE EA, based on my rules. Nothing complicated you'll see.



From 15 min chart or 5-

Buy when:

Price over 60ema

-MACD 12,26,9 is over 0 and slow ma is under histogramme ( fast ma)

-Momentum 14 is over 100

-RSI 7 is over 60

Sell when:

-Price under 60 ema

-MACD 12,29,9 is under 0 and slow EMA is over histogramme (fast ma)

-Momentum 14 is under 100

-RSI 7 is under 40


Taking position only on new bar

Setting for indicator ajustable from panel for optimisation

SL/Trailing stop and TP ajustable

We could had an previous momentum bar vs current momentum data for more filter, ain't sure its a necessity.


I know little about code, and i bloke on some part,if some experienced or novice coder could help me,

i'm sure this simple ea would be profitable. And majorly, i would not have to look at my screen for my manual trading....

Thx to all over that forum, amazing stuff going over here!





are you going to make it a public EA?Thanks


Sure, no reason to keep it private while i ask peeps here to help me built it.

I trade for last 3 years and its the only way i approch a chart whit indic, not considering price action. I use this technic to confirm my entry for ema bounce, mostly 10ema/30ema/62ema, whit an inside bar or an hammer.

This dosen't include spatial intelligence but keeping it as a manual trading EA would be perfect.

High Tf could lead to major move.

Any help appreciated!


good indicator need ea

very good indicator here from mylucky ea thread need to be converted to


signal when all lines in same direction

trail stop acording to tf

wait u comments


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need help creating simple EA

hi all... i just recently started trading forex and use a basic strategy. since forex is pretty much 24hrs, i think an EA based on my strategy would save me a lot of time but i dont know how to make one...

can anyone help me create a simple EA?

heres what i'm looking to have in the EA

if 1 bar ago closed below 20 EMA and current bar closes above 20EMA buy if next bar breaks the high

if 1 bar ago closed above 20EMA and current bar closes below 20EMA sell if next bar breaks the low

take profits on 20 pips

risk 20 pips

very basic but again i dont know how to create an EA



Take a look at the link in my sig. It'll show you how to build a simple EA similar to the one your describing. Once you've done that you'll need to look at the help file and you'll figure out the rest or come back here and ask specific questions.

It's a good start for you and it'll allow you to see how accessible MQL coding can be.

Good luck



the problem with the system is if it missed the TP, and the SNR grows too big, the new TP starts becoming too ridiculous to hit, e.g sometimes grows to a 50 pip stoploss


I would like to help but M1 is too much for me and any alike martingale makes me run out.

My suggestion is (or ask) why two emas?. I menas, why not just one


Somebody please tell me if this can be coded!

This thread is suppose to start for the reason that we all can utilize the results to make money. All indicators used in this strategy I found on different forex blog forums. The steps to follow the system are easy and just of trading technical nature.

you see the chart that has the arrows which are buy and sell signals on the 5m GBP major cross. When do you trade?

Here is my idea that currently I trade manually:

First you put together a chart that contains all those indicators:

Support and Resistance






1) If you see the zigzag (55) crossing the NonLagAma (55) and the zigzag has touched asupportandresistance and stopped printing a new line you have your first trade indicator.

2) To confirm this new direction we look at the Hama indicator which is a HeikenSmoothed with an Moving Average incldued in one, turning color, plus MACD and i-Trend at or crossing the lines yuo have yuor second confirmation.

3) If you can count the 1,2,3 rule of a confirming top or bottom in the price chart you have a trade confirmed.

4) Stop/Loss goes below number 1! Trade long/short goes above/below number two and TP goes either as you feel comfortable with any amount of pips of your choice or you wait that number 1) confirms a top or bottom again.

Perhpas there is osmebody who wants to make an EA out fo this!

Than you have a chart that looks like that.