sexxxy trend indicator

i posted this on strategy builder so im just copying and pasting

ok so i was lookin around and i found this sweet ass indicator and i found it here. just did a quick glance and the red line is the overall trend im assuming while the blue is just sort of price action. it looks like when the blue crosses the red it can signal a new trade or new direction.

im asking anybody interested to find some filters so we wont take false or weak signals. this could really help my trading and others especially when picking direction. i trade a mixture of divergence and oversold overbought prices using 55sma and the fib levels and support and resistance levels and i also trade when its sunny out or when i see a hot girl out of window at work or if im smoking my hookah. and i also hedge when needed to minimize losses bla bla it goes against everything u learn but it works for me and been working for a while and on the long term its profitable with some money management now after i lost some money.

enough about my secret formula if anybody cares, this indicator could really help pick direction and find reversals so if you guys wanna take a shot at modifying it adding stuff to it making an ea out of it go for it and all your efforts are appreciated. after all were all seeking somethin that works.

thanks everybody and if anybody is interested in my sort of profitable strategy please feel free to ask and if any gurus wanna tell me it doesnt work dont coz i dont care. its worked for me and it can carry big drawdown but tweaking it has helped make it survive for the past 7-8 months

edit: another thing i found might be useful the 55sma like a cross down with a close below the 55 could confirm and give us a better signal


MedianTrading : New Profitable Generation

hi ..

I think that all of us have heard about this ( MedianTraderSilver ) which was discussed as (watching birds in lion's country ) ..

This is thier expert that they claims it will make you money constantly over time ..

I don't use it or even to make it work !!

Anyway , if you try to attach it to chart then it must draw horziontal lines like a Grid that make sell and buy levels .. they drawn once a day .. this what I remmeber when I read about it years ago.

Unfortunately , The expert does not work .. never work ... I'm nothing in coding , So I don't know wHY !!

My Ask to whom care and could help our group FREE to RE-CODE this mt3 ( mql ) into MT4 ( MQ4 ) not as an expert but as an INDICATOR.

Plz .. the NEW code must be in MQ4 as an INDICATOR not an EXPERT.

Thanx in advance.


Code this from TS language

Hi guys, can someone translate this into MQL4 for me?


[LegacyColorValue = true];

{Graph envelope}

VAR: H111(0), L111(0),

H112(0), L112(0),

H113(0), L113(0),


D111(0), D112(0), D113(0);


D113 = D112;

D112 = D111;

H113 = H112;

H112 = H111;

L113 = L112;

L112 = L111;

D111 = (H + L + C) / 3;

H111 = 2 * D111 - L;

L111 = 2 * D111 - H;

DPL = (D111 + D112 + D113) / 3;


INPUT: BK(-1);

Plot1((H111 + H112 + H113) / 3, "live ET");

Plot2((L111 + L112 + L113) / 3, "live EB");

Plot3(DPL, " live dot");

Plot4(DPL, " live dot");


Help to programme my system

Hi i have been reading this blog with interest but this is my first post here.

Actually, i need help...i was thinking that it would be nice if i can have an alert which play sound and show an arrow etc for my trading so that i dont have to watch the pc all the time. However, i am one of the clueless person in computer programming (i have read the manual but found it is hard to understand). So are there anybody care to assist me?

the system is:

Chart Setup

-3 period EMA

-25 period EMA

-30 period EMA

-MACD (if possible give option to change the setting)

Rules to buy

1. buy 3 lots, when the 3 EMA crosses above the 30 EMA.

2. Set the initial stop for all lots at the 25 EMA. Trail stop using 25 EMA as time progresses.

3. When the MACD line crosses below the signal line, exit 2 lots for profit. Continue to trail the 1 remaining lot with the 25 EMA until the 1 remaining lot get stopped out when the price hits the 25 EMA or exit when a sell signal is given.

Rules to sell

1. When the 3 EMA crosses below the 30 EMA, sell 3 lots.

2. Set the initial stop for all lots at the 25 EMA level and use the 25 EMA as a trailing stop as time progresses.

3. when the MACD line crosses above the signal line, exit 2 lots for profit and continue to trail the 1 remaining lot with the 25 EMA. The 1 remaining lot will either get stopped out when the price hits the 25 EMA or exit when a buy signal is given.

Thanks in advance


Oh yeah another thing is that this strategy works well with the GBP/USD (use hourly or daily chart erm actually it was originally used for 2 hr chart but MT4 has no 2 hours chart). MACD 12, 34, 9 and careful with the trailing SL (coz sometimes i might be using my common sense cause GBP/USD is very volatile)

Thats for all those who are interested with it.


Looking for EA for signal providers

I am looking for an EA or script, that takes a message via email from a signal provider, like pro-Signal or Flint FX for example, and puts the trades on with SL & TP on Auto Pilot for you ??

I am hoping that someone has something that I need similar to this.

George T


Hiding stops and limits

The stop that one places in Metatrader, is that only know to metatrader, or is it placed with the broker?

If the latter, are there any scripts out there that have a function of not placing the stops and limits with the broker but insted the code makes a hidden stops and limits. I know that with those who have bigger accounts and trade with currenex types, them account holders can place hidden trades, so as to not upset the volumes.

Or am I missing some point here?


Need reliable Stochastics EA created please!?

Hello everyone,

Can someone please create an EA using just the Stochastics Indicator.

When Lines cross to go LONG enter NEW trade go long. SL takes you out, or when lines cross to go SHORT closes current trade and reverses trade to go short. When EA is turned on EA does not automatically open a trade, only when next cross of lines.

Settings are 5,3,3 for K,D,Slowing periods.

MA Method - Exponential

Price field - Close/Close

TP - 50

SL - 25

TS - 20

This will be used on a Daily Chart only.

thank you


Awesome + fibo (by Elnisco)

Hi, everybody

I have this simple idea of trading the H1 chart for EUR/USD.


1) On the H1 chart, the Awesome oscillator in separate window, the fractal indicator on the chart.

2) On the H4 chart, the Awesome oscillator in separate window.

3) On the D1 chart, the Awesome oscillator in separate window.

Entry rules:

1) On H1 chart, If bars of AO(awesome oscillator)>0 I search only for long entries, if bars of AO<0 I search only for sell entries. I then look at AO's of H4 & D1 they must be (and/or-better if together) in the same direction of H1 AO to confirm the buy/sell entry.

2) I then search (on H1 chart) for a wave containing more than 30 pibs, limited by a fractal high & a fractal low (both not breaked), I wait for a retracement to 38.2%, 50%, 61.8% of the current wave (The decision is subjective & is related also to the wave length & the stop loss position), the entry (buy/sell) near any of these levels.

Exit rules:

1) stop loss : below/above fractals. should be <50 pibs

2)target : 50 pibs minimum

Additional rules:

The Elliott wave counting is now easier by the rules suggested by bill williams using his five magical bullets in "Trading Chaos" book (Very interesting book). I use the elliott wave counting for extra confirmation & to forecast the market bias, but it is not necessary (I only feel more confortable).

Bill Williams books (Trading Chaos & New trading dimensions) are very interesting).

If, anyone is interested in improving, making EA's or templates I'll be glad.