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I do not remember any version with timefilter.
Added Time Filter to Goldwarrior mini versions trading hours are between between from hour trade to hour trade.

Newdigital refreshed my mind here

Sorry for previous answer

GW 02b4

GoldWarrior02b.3 EA.

My mistake, apologies again.


have install this EA since one week on 3 diff pairs But no trades son far.

What can be wrong?? (no errors in journal)


Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Did you place indicator in indicator's folder?

This EA is using indicator.


Yes i have "DayImpulse" in indicator folder.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Check lot size, check the version, check 4/5digit price for your broker ... backtest just to see the errors ...

Because all I am doing with this EA: I attached the versions to 2 brokers (Alpari and IBFX) with same settings selected by me in 2006. No any special preparation and special requirement. And all the versions are trading.

Of courser this EA is not trading often - just 1 or few trades in a week, and sometimes 0 trades in a week.

Added Time Filter to Goldwarrior mini versions trading hours are between between from hour trade to hour trade.

Hey mrtools, can you fix your trading hour code because if I want to trade over midnight like FromHour 20:00 to ToHour 09:00 then your code will not work;

if (UseHourTrade){


Comment("Trading Hours");



Comment("Non-trading Hours");




using && in the statement won't work if time is 03:00, FromHour will be false.

Thank you


How the perfromance for this EA so far ?


Request EA

Dear CoderGuru.. please help me to make a EA with indicator "modify High Low Zigzag V2" only

Barn : 1300

Length : 2

OP : Every Zigzag Viewed

SL : +/- 5 Pips : up / down chandel

No TP , Close Order When Zigzag Viewed again, loss or Profit..

And i hope to give a alert to this indi...


this indicarot "modify High Low Zigzag"

sell.jpg 19 kb
Please find attached the GoldWarrior EA created by Tartan, Nemo and others for MT3, converted to MT4 by Star and improved and fixed the errors by Beluck.

And be informed that this EA is working together with DayImpuls indicator attached. There are many versions of DayImpuls indicator.

This EA is working currectly together with attached version of indicator only (by Beluck).

And just for information.

Everything about zigzag tading system development please find:

- EAs for MT3;

- History of the development;

- Indicators for MT3;

- Indicators for MT4.

Explanation of the settings of EA:

per - period for all indicators

d - number of full periods when calculating

depth,deviation,backstep - ZigZag indicator parameters

mgod - testing year

porog - cut-off takeprofit when closing positions out

test - current info output flag, 1 - output to journal

imps - positive impulse value for buy signal

impb - negative impulse value for buy signal

k1 & k2 - multiplier for sizes of hedge orders of 1st and 2nd level

k2/k1=2 - must be!

See this EA in MetaEditor for the additional comments.


Please find the files.

1. Tracert file: unzip this file ( and place Tracert file in include folder (for example: C:\Program Files\MetaTrader4\experts\include). Do not compile this file in MetaEditor.

2. Indicator.

DayImpuls indicator. Place it to indicator folder (for example: C:\Program Files\MetaTrader4\experts\indicators) and compile in MetaEditor.

3. EA.

Unzip this file and you will find 4 EAs. Use just one of the EAs:

- GoldWarrior02b EA. It is for 0.1 lot and for deposit above 2,000. No any magic number options. I am testing exact this version (with the settings from this post - m15_settings.set).

- GoldWarrior02b_mini. It is for 0.01 lot size with no any minimum deposit size limitation. We may use it for $1,000 or $700 with 0.01 lot size. No any magic number options.

- GoldWarrior02b.1. This Ea is the same with GoldWarrior02b EA but with magic number option.

- GoldWarrior02b.1mini. This EA is the same with GoldWarrior02b_mini but with magic number option.

4. Settings of the EA.

Default settings (stop loss =1000, k1=30,k2=60 and so on) are the settings suggested by authors of this EA. I changed something in the settings and testing it for the almost 2 years with my settings.

m15_settings.set - it is my settings.

Place it in presets folder (for example: C:\Program Files\MetaTrader4\experts\presets) for trading and to this folder C:\Program Files\MetaTrader4\tester for backtesting. Don't forget to load this file from the folder to the EA during the attaching it to the chart.

If you use 0.01 lot size so change lot size from 0.1 to 0.01 in the settings.

Please note also that I just checked this version (GoldWarrior02b EA) and it works with no problem for 0.1 lot size for 50,000 deposit size. I did not test the other versions.

Most important thing in the settings is k1 and k2 (lot size multiplier for second order).

thank you i really appreciate all this EA that you have in this thread.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

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Sergey Golubev, 2018.04.10 16:07

Zigzag EA performance

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