Social Trading in MetaTrader

Social Trading means automatic copying of trading signals. Often, this service is also referred to as mirror trading or copy trading.

The idea of social trading is simple:

  1. A trader selects a Trading Signal.
  2. Subscribes to the selected Signal in a couple of clicks.
  3. After the successful subscription, all trades of the selected signal provider are mirrored on the trader's account.
  4. No additional actions are required - the trader automatically starts to trade according to the signal provider trades.

Copy trading in the MetaTrader platforms provides an opportunity to succeed by automatically copying trades of experienced traders. Simply subscribe to signals and trade like a professional. Claim your share of success in just a couple of clicks! Manual trading or use of any Expert Advisor on the same account is not prohibited. But such actions are not advisable, since they may affect the calculation of copied volumes.

Advantages of the MetaTrader social trading platform:

  1. Simplicity - the entire process, from selecting the signal to copy trading, will take only a few minutes.
  2. Convenience - manage your subscriptions from any location at any time in your MetaTrader or on the website.
  3. Reliability - all deals are executed with the least possible lag.
  4. Security - only you can manage your account funds; signal providers do not have access to your account or personal information.
  5. Thousands of signals in the database provide thousands of opportunities to invest and diversify your funds. Each signal is based on its own trading strategy - find the right one and connect to it!

Social Trading with the MetaTrader Signals service significantly expands the opportunities of Forex trading. Connect to the signals and become a successful manager of your money.

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