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2009.04.07 15:09

Customized Buy Sell Close v2 -- Now in one script - script for MetaTrader 4

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Customized ard buy sell Close V2 in one script ..... Based on Customized Ard Buy Sell V 1


it's have standard order code:

Code 0 for closing Current

Code 1 for Close then buying | so you don't have to manually close the last position -- Script will generate for you

Code 2 for Close then selling |

You can add other code as you like

It,s have price Control for Interbank rate 0,

Have own Buy Sell And Close Function that you can add to your expert advisor and you can customized it

Have own Control for error #135 ++ Price changed and Err #129

Function is easy to understand.

Customized Ard Buy Sell Close

Modified order and Risk management Cooming soon

Please Comment if you have a question ...

Best regard


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For all they need some "play" for visualing the USDx. Use for testing only, not finished and free of errors yet.

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