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2016.07.01 10:55
2016.11.22 07:32


Nikolay Kositsin

Two moving averages, 2pbIdealMA.mq4 and 2pbIdeal3MA.mq4. The averaging algorithms in them is developed by Neutron. The second indicator 2pbIdeal3MA.mq4 uses this averaging algorithm three times.

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Locker Locker

It can be used as a standalone EA or as a method of recovery from losses

The Cronex T RSI GF indicator The Cronex T RSI GF indicator

Popularly demanded modification of the RSI indicator

The Cronex T Demarker GFC (Color) indicator The Cronex T Demarker GFC (Color) indicator

Modification of the DeMarker indicator with additional color indication based on the histogram

Spazm Spazm

works on the movement continuation with position inversion after closure