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2008.03.29 08:24
2014.04.21 14:52

Author: Kalenzo

FiboPiv_v1 indicator.

TDI-With Alerts TDI-With Alerts

Indicator TDI-With Alerts. The description look in a code.

QQE with Alerts QQE with Alerts

The modified version of indicator Qualitative Quantitative Estimation.

Fractal Adaptive Moving Average Fractal Adaptive Moving Average

October 2005 Issue - "FRAMA - Fractal Adaptive Moving Average" Length will be forced to be an even number. Odd numbers will be bumped up to the next even number.

Donchain counter - channel system Donchain counter - channel system

Adviser Donchain counter-channel system. Uses indicator Donchian Channels - Generalized version1.