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2008.05.02 10:14

Hull_O_H_L_C - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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Author: None

Indicator Hull_O_H_L_C.

Indicator Hull_O_H_L_C

OnChart Stochastic OnChart Stochastic

Indicator OnChart Stochastic.

X_0_Serg153_TEST    A tick-tack-toe indicator with trade alerts. X_0_Serg153_TEST A tick-tack-toe indicator with trade alerts.

All data of this indicator is contained in the coordinates and names of graphical objects. Trade alerts are extracted from the graphical objects generated by the indicator.


A modified parabolic. It readjusts the entering/leaving points according to the situation on the market.

MTF_ChandelierStops_60min MTF_ChandelierStops_60min

One more version of indicator ChandelierStops. Works together with indicator ChandelierStops_v1.