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2016.05.16 11:31
2016.11.22 07:32
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It is based on the observation, which shows that the price crosses the MA chart quite often and moves a certain distance further. It places a pending order (Buy Limit or Sell Limit) at the price equal to the value of МА(590-М1). When the price changes, the MA value changes, the order is also modified, and so on until the order is triggered.

Once the order is triggered, it is not modified. Exit – by tight ТР and SL. As soon as the EA «sees» that there are no orders, it places a new pending order. As it often happens that the price only touches the MA and does not go further, I chose the SL small enough - 30 points. Level of TP=70.


Since the original version is not available, I had to restore the source text from a later version.
And even though I am sure I prevailed, there is a small possibility that I forgot to fix something.

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Original code:

FarhadCrab1 FarhadCrab1

The FarhadCrab1 EA. It has a lot of settings. It also uses a large number of indicators. Some of them: MA, Stochastic, Macd, RSI.

FlatTrend v.2 FlatTrend v.2

A modified version of the FlatTrend indicator, shows the beginning and the end of a flat.

AK47_A1 AK47_A1

Simple EA, but such efficiency for the year 2007!


I am not a programmer, so I apologize for mistakes. This is my first EA, please rate it. And also its reliability.