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2016.05.16 10:09
Author: Balidev for Darma

It uses VMA - ЕMA, which automatically adjust the smoothing percentage based on the market volatility.

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Wss_trader Wss_trader

The Wss_trader EA. People recommend setting the trading hours to 7-17, trailing to 60, metrics to 36 and to look back to 2 months.

Zs1 Zs1

I came across an expert that was discussed many times on the forum.

Applying the Equity graph on the chart Applying the Equity graph on the chart

Example of an equity indicator based on the market profile

MartingailExpert MartingailExpert

The EA uses the values of the Stochastic indicator on the H4 timeframe to open a position, and after that it builds up based on the martingale principle.