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Lines_buy и Lines_sell - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2016.04.26 15:43
Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.

LineSell places lines downwards, LineBuy - upwards. Set each step to 40pt in the properties. Simply, these indicators were originally created for the placing martingale steps. It was supposed to be able to place lines of different widths, hence the need to set the required number for each step separately.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

Linear Regression Line Linear Regression Line

Linear regression is a mathematical method for determining the linear dependence between the variables. This technique is often used by analysts to identify the trend based on the time and price data.

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The indicator of dynamic resistance/support level with a fixed channel.

Macd-2 Macd-2

MACD2 generates bearish signals from three main sources. These signals are a reflection of the bullish signals - negative divergence, bearish intersection of the moving averages, bearish intersection of the center line.

MIndex MIndex

The indicator calculates the indices of the USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, CAD currencies and displays the index specified in the parameters in a separate window.