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Economic Calendar Data Aggregator - script for MetaTrader 5

2022.06.15 21:22
2022.06.15 21:23

This is meant to be an aggregating service script that collects data from the EconomicCalendar functions & outputs the values to a text file as a list of dictionaries for each event collected over a period of time.

This is meant to be a prototype test to approaching the solution, temporary for users of the PythonAPI, offering access to the same data.

All variables are current statically declared.

    OsMA Four Colors Arrow EA OsMA Four Colors Arrow EA

    Trading strategy for the custom indicator 'OsMA Four Colors Arrow EA'

    Three Candles Other TimeFrame Three Candles Other TimeFrame

    Three candles from another timeframe are drawn using graphical objects

    MA AO Arrow MA AO Arrow

    Indicator based on iAO (signal 'saucer') and filter based on iMA

    iVIDyA Simple iVIDyA Simple

    Simple EA on 'iVIDyA' indicator