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Squeeze Momentum Indicator - LazyBear - indicator for MetaTrader 4

LazyBear - TradingView
Published by:
Lee Chee Tat
votes: 35
2022.06.08 06:45
2022.06.30 16:08

Converted LazyBear Squeeze Momentum Indicator from TradingView to MQL4

    Speed and Acceleration (with HMA) Speed and Acceleration (with HMA)

    This indicator gives the Speed and Acceleration of the price for a given period. In order to make a smooth graph, can be used a procedure using the Hull Moving Average method

    R-Squard and Linear Regression R-Squard and Linear Regression

    a procedure that calculate most stats in one call: R-Squared and Linear Regression

    Higher Timeframe Higher Timeframe

    Indicator that shows higher timeframe candle on current timeframe.

    Exponential Range Average & Deviation Offset Exponential Range Average & Deviation Offset

    An exponential moving average of the true range and the offset of its average deviation