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R-Squard and Linear Regression - indicator for MetaTrader 4

Onur Sirek
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2022.06.07 18:10
2022.06.08 23:27

Also, it can do some other things:

  • Slope
  • Slope in degrees
  • Variance
  • Std Deviation
  • Mean
  • "Fake Graphs"

With this function (fake graphs) you can plot the actual data from a indicator. This is valuable when you are coding an EA and testing it on MT4, as the strategy tester does not show in real-time the actual graph from the indicators... Just fill the array with the actual N-values and call the procedure "Fake Graph" to plot it rigth on the main window

(8/6/2022 - Correctd a bug on the graph generating cicle)

r-squared graph

    LP_entry LP_entry

    Arrow Up and Down on each bar and other informations.

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    ScalpX is an indicator that uses Kalman filters to identify buy and sell opportunities whenever is indicated by the graph.

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