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DeMarker gaining position volume 2 - expert for MetaTrader 5

2022.05.11 20:30
2022.05.19 17:05

Trading strategy

Version 2 added:

'Stop Loss', 'Take Profit'. The 'Trailing activate ...' parameter has been added to trailing - we can say that this is a breakeven parameter that does not depend on either 'Trailing Stop' or 'Trailing Step'. How it works: The EA expects the position to become profitable at least 'Trailing activate ...' Points and will move the stop loss to that level if possible. Then the usual trailing will work.

Added parameter group Time control:

This section sets the time range for searching for trading signals. The time range is enabled via 'Use time control' and sets the time interval for searching for signals from 'Start Hour'::'Start Minute' to 'End Hour'::'End Minute'. The time range can be set both within the day and with the transition through the day. Does not affect trailing.

    Constant Range Channel Constant Range Channel

    A simple indicator plotting a channel with a constant range

    Trailing Activate Close All Trailing Activate Close All

    Assistant - works on the current symbol, has the 'Trailing activate if profit is >=' parameter in the trailing parameters. Sets the initial Stop Loss and Take Profit. Closes all positions when target profit is reached

    Equal garden Arrow Equal garden Arrow

    The indicator shows the position of two indicators (iMA and iStochastic)

    DeMarker Pending DeMarker Pending

    Strategy based on the 'DeMarker' indicator, working with pending orders