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Signals CSV to chart objects - script for MetaTrader 4

2022.08.20 12:11

Blue Arrow = Buy

Red Arrow = Sell

Blue Tick = Win

Red Cross = Lose


1. Go to and pick a signal

2. Inside the signal, go to Trading History tab

3. Scroll to the most bottom and click on History link on the right side.

4. From your MT4, click on File > Open Data Folder

5. Drop the CSV file downloaded from (3) inside MQL4\Files folder.

6. Insert the filename (without .csv) into FILENAME at input tab when load the script.

    MCDx MCDx

    Some call it as MCDx Smart Money Indicator. It's just modification from RSI indicator.

    3LS 3LS

    Converted 3 Line Strike by TheTrdFloor from TradingView to MQL4

    Draw trade history onto chart Draw trade history onto chart

    Draw trade history onto chart

    Price Horizontal Line Notifications Price Horizontal Line Notifications

    Get notifications when hit price level