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MCDx - indicator for MetaTrader 4

Not me
Published by:
Lee Chee Tat
2022.08.06 10:45
2022.08.15 06:03

For those who familiar with MCDx Smart Money indicator. Sorry to let you know.

No Banker. No Smart Money. No retailer. Just RSI.


1. Take RSI value from the _period

iRSI(NULL, 0, period, PRICE_CLOSE, pos)
2. RSI Value from (1) will minus with _base
(iRSI(NULL, 0, period, PRICE_CLOSE, pos)-base)
3. Whatever value from (2) will multiply with _sensitivity
sensitivity * (iRSI(NULL, 0, period, PRICE_CLOSE, pos)-base)

4. Lastly trap value from (3), to be between 0 - 20. So if value (3) > 20, cap it at 20; if value (3) < 0, make it 0.

if (rsi > 20) { rsi = 20; }
if (rsi < 0) { rsi = 0; }


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