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Elegant oscillator - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2022.01.14 16:23
2022.01.15 00:01

In his article in February 2022 issue of TASC, “An Elegant Oscillator: Inverse Fisher Transform Redux,” author John Ehlers explains how he uses the inverse Fisher transform to create an indicator he calls the elegant oscillator.

  • this version is extended compared to original (not using fixed oscillator period and you can freely chose prices)
  • some experimenting with parameters advised (see the example bellow : red is default, blue is with periods 100,100 - so there is plenty of room for experimenting)

Didi Index (Cleaned/Reversed) Didi Index (Cleaned/Reversed)

Slow Line of the original Didi Index

Deviation Ratio Deviation Ratio

Volatility/volume indicator based on price deviations anomaly.

boom and crash ea boom and crash ea

This EA is designed to trade all the boom and crash indices from on mt5. It is a scalper; it trades on the 1 minute time frame. It uses a moving average to determine the trend, and the awesome oscillator to identify entry points. Every order is set with stop loss and take profit levels. It features smart automatic lot size adjustment. INSTRUMENTS Boom 500 Index Boom 1000 Index Crash 500 Index Crash 1000 index all available on Note: it is highly recommended to trade all four indices when using this expert to significantly improve risk management, safety, and profitability. TIMEFRAME m1 only; DO NOT trade on other timeframes. SETTINGS Use moving average trend filter - the EA should use a moving average to filter trends. Default = false Minimum valid spike size - the smallest change in asset price for valid spikes. Default = 1 Order Comment base string - part of the text in the order comment; to help you monitor positions. Default = Trendy Boom and Crash Trader...

Hotkeys_CycleTimeFrames_v1.0 Hotkeys_CycleTimeFrames_v1.0

cycle timeframes using hotkeys 'N','M' prev,next timeframe