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Momentum deviation - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2021.12.12 20:06

This is a variation on the standard deviation

  • it is using momentum of price  (instead price itself) for calculation
  • it is calculated in a way that it takes minimal CPU load 

As far as values are concerned, it is similar to standard deviation. Same as standard deviation it can calculate deviation of anything 


  • You can use it as any standard deviation indicator

Hotkeys_CycleMarketWatchSymbols_v1.0 Hotkeys_CycleMarketWatchSymbols_v1.0

cycles though market watch symbols, using hotkeys Comma and Period for prev/next symbol in market watch list

QG Futures/CFD Intermarket Spread QG Futures/CFD Intermarket Spread

This is a simple script to chart the intermarket spread between 2 different futures or CFD contracts. The spread trading is a popular futures trading strategy and can be done using CFDs more easily as there is no formal expiry date.

Momentum deviation bands Momentum deviation bands

Momentum deviation bands - MT4 version

Simple Parabolic SAR with alert Simple Parabolic SAR with alert

This indicator shows a standard parabolic SAR another way. Also it send alert when SAR dot changes side.