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QG Futures/CFD Intermarket Spread - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2021.12.08 04:13


The indicator can chart the spread between 2 instruments as a difference or as a ratio.


Instrument1 -  Enter a string of first instrument exactly as mentioned by broker

Instrument2 -  Enter a string of second instrument exactly as mentioned by broker

Multiplier1 - A multiplying factor for first instrument

Multiplier2 - A multiplying factor for second instrument

ChartDifernce - A boolean which will chart difference between 2 instruments, set to false it will chart spread as a ratio

The spread chart appears in a separate window and then basic indicators can be applied to it like shown in the pictures.

    RSI Extreme Zone RSI Extreme Zone

    The indicator highlights the value in "over Sold" and "over Bought" zones.

    MA Cloud indicator MA Cloud indicator

    Moving Average Cloud draws 4 MAs on chart simultaneously in histogram style.

    Hotkeys_CycleMarketWatchSymbols_v1.0 Hotkeys_CycleMarketWatchSymbols_v1.0

    cycles though market watch symbols, using hotkeys Comma and Period for prev/next symbol in market watch list

    Momentum deviation Momentum deviation

    Momentum deviation