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2021.12.04 18:02

The indicator highlights the value in "over Sold" and "over Bought" zones.

in addition, arrow indicates the return of the value from the extreme zone.

Indicator can be easily customized by the user including change of colors, with, levels and arrows.

Combination with other market signals and analysis is necessary and provides more stable results.

Alert is also available for user.


MA Cloud indicator MA Cloud indicator

Moving Average Cloud draws 4 MAs on chart simultaneously in histogram style.

Pair Or Symbol And Time Frame With Watermark Pair Or Symbol And Time Frame With Watermark

Displays the current timeframe and symbol name in large font on the chart background. Useful when hopping between several charts with different symbols at the same time.

QG Futures/CFD Intermarket Spread QG Futures/CFD Intermarket Spread

This is a simple script to chart the intermarket spread between 2 different futures or CFD contracts. The spread trading is a popular futures trading strategy and can be done using CFDs more easily as there is no formal expiry date.

Hotkeys_CycleMarketWatchSymbols_v1.0 Hotkeys_CycleMarketWatchSymbols_v1.0

cycles though market watch symbols, using hotkeys Comma and Period for prev/next symbol in market watch list