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Candle Closing Time Notify Alarm - indicator for MetaTrader 5

Dark Ryd3r | English 한국어

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2021.06.17 09:23
2021.06.18 11:03

Notifies you at your specified Chart Time
Indicator can be used to set alarm at a specified time on the chart.

In the default setting I am using it for a chart of GMT server time.
I have set the indicator time to notify me 5 minutes before H4 Candle closing (in LocalTIme)

The indicator has six input Time options Time1, Time2,Time3,Time4,Time 5 and Time6, so you can add up to 6 alarms
Ignore the date and add time for which you want to be notified

You can set alerts on or off
and receive alerts as Popup window, Sound Alert, Send an Email, Send Push notification or Prints a Message on Toolbox - Experts Window

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