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Dsl MACD 2 - indicator for MetaTrader 5

Mladen Rakic

votes: 16
2021.05.21 15:08
Dsl MACD.mq5 (10.61 KB) view

This is an upgraded version of dsl macd originally posted here : dsl macd

Reasons for an upgrade :

  • new builds of metatrader 5 require from time to time some code "refreshment" in order to be up to date regarding the way how code works
  • this version is optimized as much as possible (suitable to EAs)
  • options for some "fancier" display added

  • the macd in this version can indicate 3 states
    • state up
    • state down
    • neutral state
  • you should experiment a bit with the dsl periods in order to get optimal states 
  • use color changes as possible signals

Solar Wind Indicator for MQ5 Solar Wind Indicator for MQ5

This is a re-write of the old Solar Winds indicator for MQ5. There has recently been some 'excitement' about using this with other indicators for entry signals, and after a request to develop an indicator using it, I found that it was a classic re-painter - so I am contributing this code with an easy switch to allow seeing the indicator in re-paint versus non-repaint mode.

Simple label indicator that shows Amplitude, Spread and Clock (time) Simple label indicator that shows Amplitude, Spread and Clock (time)

This simple indicator is just a statistical label showing Last and Current Candle Amplitude (MinMax), Last and Current Day Amplitude, Current Tick Amplitude and Time Remaining for next Candle. It also shows Server Time (Market Watch) and Local PC Time so you can focus more on the graph and adapt to market hours.

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