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Dsl RSI of average - indicator for MetaTrader 5

Mladen Rakic

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2021.05.23 15:39

People have been using RSI for a long time, and there were quite a few attempts to make it less "nervous" (RSI really does tend to change direction - slope - very quickly, and that makes it hard to use in some occasions. One of the best known versions that was attempting to deal with that issue is the Rsi(oma) : RSI of moving average. It turned out that filtering prices prior to be used in rsi calculation is helping and that such an indicator is becoming a very useful too for trading

This version is doing all that Rsi of average does and is adding the discontinued signal lines to be used instead of some fixed levels as a criteria to enter or exit the trading position

  • Use it in any way you used the regular Rsi(oma)
  • If you wish to have it similar to fixed levels version, use long dsl period (like period 1000 - it shall not slow down the terminal regardless of the length used - upper example at the bellow example)
  • To have it similar to "simple slope mode" (but just similar, you can use very short period : like period 2 - lower example at the bellow example)

Dsl CCI of averages Dsl CCI of averages

Discontinued signal line CCI using average of price for filtering signals

Dsl MACD 2 Dsl MACD 2

Discontinued signal line MACD

Dslu RSI of average Dslu RSI of average

Non-anchored discontinued signal line RSI of average

SpaceX_Delete_StopLoss_TakeProfit_button SpaceX_Delete_StopLoss_TakeProfit_button

For MT5, When Press the Button, it will delete all STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT applied to Current Open Market positions. For All Symbols. The panel is based on the CDialog class, works for all symbols