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Solar Wind Indicator for MQ5 - indicator for MetaTrader 5

Yura Prokofiev

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2021.05.18 23:45
2021.05.21 04:11

This is a re-write of the old Solar Winds indicator for MQ5.  There has recently been some 'excitement' about using this with other indicators for entry signals, and after a request to develop an indicator using it, I found that it was a classic re-painter - so I am contributing this code with an easy switch to allow seeing the indicator in re-paint versus non-repaint mode.

I'm sure the mob will look at this and say its not worth much for trading... Please look at this as a relatively simple educational example on re-painting versus non-repainting as well as code examples for techniques for making indicators in MQ5.

The Solar Winds indicator is a smoothed curve showing when the trend is long versus short.

If you use this type of indicator for trading, you may also want to look up "Ehlers Fisher Transform" in the code base.

You can change this indicator between re-painting and non-repainting mode with the user input:
input ENUM_ON_OFF    NRP = ENUM_OFF;  // Non-Repainting (NPR) ON/OFF

V1.02 adds choice for using Custom events or not and cleans up the plot definitions.

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