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The Decycler Oscillator - indicator for MetaTrader 5

John Ehlers

Published by:
Andrei Novichkov
votes: 16
2021.05.10 15:54

When the indicator line is above zero, then the trend is upward. When below zero, it is downward. The version for MetaTrader 4 will not be presented here. You can download it along with the source code through my Telegram channel. The link to the channel is in my profile. Don't forget to subscribe!

multi-scale volatility multi-scale volatility

This indicator summarizes the volatility of multiple periods.

Ehlers Quotient Transform Ehlers Quotient Transform

Ehler´s Quotient Transform

IND - The Overall Percent Risk - MT5 IND - The Overall Percent Risk - MT5

Building good trading habits by seeing things in terms of percentage not in terms of money.

Simple label indicator that shows Amplitude, Spread and Clock (time) Simple label indicator that shows Amplitude, Spread and Clock (time)

This simple indicator is just a statistical label showing Last and Current Candle Amplitude (MinMax), Last and Current Day Amplitude, Current Tick Amplitude and Time Remaining for next Candle. It also shows Server Time (Market Watch) and Local PC Time so you can focus more on the graph and adapt to market hours.