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Corrected moving averages - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2021.01.19 13:35
2021.05.13 08:34
CMA.mq4 (5.08 KB) view
CMA 1.1.mq4 (5.51 KB) view

Originally developed by - Andreas Uhl

Dashboard based on the indicator available here

The strength of the CMA is that the current value of the time series must exceed the current volatility-dependent threshold, so that the filter increases or falls, avoiding false signals in weak phases. In simple words it compares the variance and the squared difference between the corrected average and the regular average and decides if the CMA should advance or not.

Version update:- Added option to change color on slope change.


The intersections of two lines The intersections of two lines

In MetaTrader 4, we intend to calculate the intersection coordinates of two straight line objects with different slopes using MQL4.

Send a message from metatrader to telegram Send a message from metatrader to telegram

With this script, you can send a message from MetaTrader 4 to Telegram.

Log4mql(mini) MT4 Log4mql(mini) MT4

A light header-only version of Log4mql that provides standardized logging.

The colored volumes (English Version) The colored volumes (English Version)

Colored volumes at the bottom of the chart