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2019.09.02 20:30


    DoubleChannelEA DoubleChannelEA

    This expert uses iDoubleChannel indicator. You can use to make backtesting to find best settings for indicator.

    iDoubleChannel iDoubleChannel

    It is an indicator of technical analysis that aims to assist every trader in his manual trades.

    Pending Order Timer on Closed Market Pending Order Timer on Closed Market

    You can send pending order on closed market between StartTime and EndTime at specific minumum and maximum price.

    5MinutesScalpingEA 5MinutesScalpingEA

    5MinutesScalpingEA uses indicators (5) from 5MinutesScalpingSystem. This expert is to help any user of the system to try some different settings of indicators easy and quickly. Expert need indicators to generate signals. Has the ability to use all of the indicators, or some of them.