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Vortex 2 - indicator for MetaTrader 5

Mladen Rakic

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2019.03.15 16:34
Vortex 2.mq5 (8.94 KB)view

Since it seems that we can not rely only on the brute force of metatrader 5, from time to time we need to revisit the code and optimize it - for speed mainly. One example of that is vortex indicator (originally published here : Vortex along with detailed description.

This version is, regardless that the code is not simpler, significantly faster. Hence, it is more suitable to be used from any iCustom() calls

TradeTransaction Class TradeTransaction Class

A base class to simplify analyzing trade transactions in MQL5.

Daily Percent Change Daily Percent Change

This indicator uses the open price for the day, and computes the percent change for that day. Use on any chart TF up to and including D1.

Simple moving average Simple moving average

Simple moving average

Explosion5 Explosion5

Advisor scalper. Trading algorithm: Candle[0]> Candle[1] * 2. Taimeframe - 4H && Day.