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RSI_Rendiment - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2019.02.07 09:00

Oscillating indicator RSI Rendiment is a logarithmic RSI.

It has six adjustable parameters:

  • RSI period - RSI calculation period
  • Normalized - use normalizing (Yes/No)
  • Normalization range - range of normalization
  • Rendiment X - logarithm multiplier
  • Overbought - overbought level
  • Oversold - oversold level


RRSI = (RSI + Rendiment) / 2.0


Rendiment = Rendiment X * LOG(Close/CloseRange)

Close = current Close price
CloseRange = Close price Normalization range bars ago

LOG - natural logarithm

Normalization reduces the calculated data of Rendiment to the RSI oscillator range:

NormRendiment = ((Rendiment - Min) / (Max - Min)) * 100.0

Max, Min - maximum and minimum values of Rendiment within the Normalization range

Fig. 1. Normalized RSI Rendiment

Fig. 2. Non-nomalized RSI Rendiment

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
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