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Juice - EMA deviation - advanced - indicator for MetaTrader 5

Mladen Rakic

votes: 10
2018.10.30 16:53

Definition :

"Juice" indicator is showing if the level of standard deviation is above or bellow some desired level and, that way, it is showing if we are in a times of increased or decreased volatility. The usual method of checking the level is using some fixed level. That method has some serious issues :

  • the level is extremely arbitrary (ie: one has to invent that some level is significant)
  • it varies from symbol to symbol
  • it varies from time frame to time frame

This version :

It is using an average deviation (ema deviation in this case) over desired period as a level instead of using fixed level. That way it does not depend on symbol or time frame, and is adjusting itself to the parameters settings

Usage :

"Juice" is not a directional indicator - it does not show trend. It shows periods of increased (above the average) or decreased (bellow the average) volatility. And it should be used in such a manner : to determine periods of increased or decreased volatility

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