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2018.10.25 17:56
Avg_MA.mq5 (42.78 KB)view

Average from MA indicator calculates the average value from the specified number of moving averages, whose periods are calculated as an increment to the base МА period

It has six input parameters:

  • First MA period - МА calculation base period
  • Method - МА calculation method
  • Applied price - МА calculation price
  • Count - number of calculated МАs
  • Coefficient of increment - increment ratio of calculated MA periods
  • Incremental method - increment method
    • Addition
    • Multiplication

Example of calculation with values:

First MA period = 5
Coefficient of increment = 2
Count = 5

  • If Incremental method = Addition:
  • If Incremental method=Multiplication:


MA - MovingAverage(Applied price,Method) with calculated period

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