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2018.10.25 17:59
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MA Trend trend oscillator displays a trend based on the analysis of a specified set of moving averages with calculated periods within the specified range.

There are five inputs:

  • Period begin - MA initial calculation period
  • Period step - МА calculation period increment step
  • Count - number of calculated МАs
  • Method - МА calculation method
  • Applied price - МА calculation price


MATrend = Sum(S) / Count


  • If Applied price > MA
    S = 1
  • If Applied price < MA
    S = -1

MA - MovingAverage(Applied price,Period begin+Period step,Method)

Fig. 1. MA_Trend with the default parameters: Period begin=10, Period step=10, Count=50

Fig. 2. MA_Trend with the parameters: Period begin=5, Period step=2, Count=50

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