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Volume Zone Oscillator - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2018.07.19 16:26

Indicator is based on the "In The Volume Zone" article by Walid Khalil and David Steckler.

An axiom of technical analysis states that with few exceptions, all technical indicators can be classified as either trending or oscillating (non-trending) in their design. This new indicator, the Volume Zone Oscillator (VZO), addresses both. In his book Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets, John J. Murphy explains that using oscillators provides three benefits:

  • Overbought and oversold conditions warn that price trend is overextended and vulnerable.
  • Divergence between oscillator and price action shows hidden strength or weakness in the market, which is not apparent in the price action.
  • The crossing of the zero line can give an important trading signal.

WPR Candles WPR Candles

This indicator is a variation of a well known WPR (Williams Percent Range) indicator with 4 WPR values combined into "candles".

Heiken Ashi Smoothed - Binary Heiken Ashi Smoothed - Binary

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Volume Zone Oscillator - Floating Levels Volume Zone Oscillator - Floating Levels

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Compared to the original QQE indicator, this version instead of using trailing levels uses fixed levels to estimate overbought and oversold conditions.