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2018.06.13 11:32

Trend Envelopes indicator is calculated based on a % of price change. That % is then used to determine if there is a new trend or trend remains the same.

This indicator is using only % deviation for calculation and that is the only parameter needed for calculation. It is internally using Close, High and Low price and in this version that can not be changed. Also, due to the nature of the indicator, it can be easily be used as a sort of support/resistance indicator.

Advanced ADX Advanced ADX

This version of ADX instead uses different display in order to make that as easy as it can be. The ADX values are easily comparable to the significant level, the the color of the ADX value and histogram clearly shows the trend. That way it is easier to follow the ADX trend(s) and values.


EMA_WMA - Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 5. Intersection of two iMA (MA). Position trailing.

Trend Envelopes - RSI Trend Envelopes - RSI

Trend Envelopes variation of RSI indicator.

RSI Candles RSI Candles

This is a RSI of High, Low, Open and Close displayed as color candles in it's own sub-window.